5 Great Things about the Orangutan Librarian

In November 2016, we shared six of the blogs were were grateful for and five things we loved about each one.  It was a popular feature, so we’re bringing it back this May, featuring some more bloggers we hope you’ll visit and love, too!

Orangutan Librarian

I bet you are all surprised to see that an orang-utan can manage to use a keyboard, let alone run a blog about books. Well, prepare to be amazed, because I’ve barely got started yet. Ok enough aping around. Please insert the usual disclaimer about all opinions being my own here. Also try not to take offence at any of my brutally honest opinions. Yada yada yada, etcetera etcetera. So without further ado (*drumroll please*) I hereby declare this virtual library open.

She Posts Interesting Discussions

I love book reviews on blogs, but I also love discussions–interesting discussions that get people talking in the comments.  The Orangutan Librarian posts topics that generate conversations and often lead me to look at things in new ways. Check out her post on whether we should review nonfiction here.

She Loves Fantasy

Fantasy is one of our favorite genres here at Pages Unbound, and we’re always thrilled to find other fantasy fans.  Here, the Orangutan Librarian shares her top ten favorite fantasy books, including Tolkien and Garth Nix!

She Speaks Her Mind

She’s always respectful, but she’s not afraid to share her opinions on books and bookish topics and to blog in a unique style that makes her blog one of my favorites.

She’s a Star Commenter

She replies to every comment on her blog (well, as far as I know…I haven’t really checked every comment), and I often see her commenting on other blogs, adding to the conversation and supporting the community.

Finally, She Reads Chaim Potok

Potok is one of my favorite authors, up there with Tolkien and L.M. Montgomery, and I think he doesn’t get nearly as much love as he deserves in the book blogosphere.  So I am super excited that the Orangutan Librarian has read and reviewed several Potok books, including most recently In the Beginning.


5 Great Things about Books, Vertigo, and Tea

In November 2016, we shared six of the blogs were were grateful for and five things we loved about each one.  It was a popular feature, so we’re bringing it back this May, featuring some more bloggers we hope you’ll visit and love, too!

Books Vertigo and Tea

I am Danielle, a 30 “ish” yr old mother of two. I have an insatiable appetite for all things books. I adore bookstores, libraries, and falling asleep while surrounded by my current reads. I prefer to do the latter with tea in hand.

She Has Great Taste in Books in a Variety of Genres

Pages Unbound is a fairly eclectic blog in terms of genres of books reviewed, so I love that Danielle also reads in a wide variety of genres.  She also loves some of my favorite authors (Tolkien! Lewis!).  You can check out some of her book recommendations here.

She’s a Super Commenter

There are a few bloggers I really admire for their ability to really engage with the book community and comment seemingly everywhere.  Danielle is one of them.  She pops by Pages Unbound to say hello a lot and always contributes something interesting to the conversations in the comments.

She Shares Interesting Posts on Social Media

If I’m ever out of blog reading material, I know I can check out Danielle’s Twitter feed! She’s always supporting other bloggers and sharing great posts from around the blogosphere.

Danielle is a Doctor Who Fan

Krysta and I are huge fans of Doctor Who (well, maybe less so of some of the directions Moffat has taken with the show), and we love anyone else who is a fan, too!  And anyone who owns such a fabulous Doctor Who bookmark.  Danielle says the Fourth Doctor is her favorite.

Finally, She Reads Graphic Novels

Krysta has been reading a lot of graphic novels recently, so it’s always great to see someone else who likes them,  as well.  Check out some of the graphic novels/manga Danielle has reviewed here.

5 Great Things About The Warden’s Walk

This November we’re celebrating some of the books bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new one each week and sharing 5 things we love about their blog.

I’m a Christian reader, writer, teacher, scholar and amateur sometimes-pianist.

I do all this in California, where the kids frequently say things weirder than the wildest stories I’ve read. I love fantasy and medieval-inspired tales especially, but am up for a grand adventure and the numinous experience wherever, or whenever, it takes me.

He Has an Eye for the Beautiful.

David at The Warden’s Walk features a lot of diverse content on his blog from book and film reviews to reflections on writing  but the content is connected by his sense for the beautiful and the true.  When you read his blog you might be introduced to moving films such as Cloudrise, discover C. S. Lewis’s words on writing for children, or find a new fantasy recommendation.

He Loves J. R. R. Tolkien!

David regularly features the work of J. R. R. Tolkien and he offers insightful commentary on the professor’s work and some of the movie adaptations (Here you can read his insightful analysis of An Unexpected Journey.).  He even hosted a Hobbit Read-Along awhile back.

His Blog Features Works Other Blogs Don’t Cover.

If you’re looking for a blog that goes beyond all the popular YA releases, look no farther.  The Warden’s Walk has an emphasis on fantasy and David has reviewed many of the staples of the genre including The Last Unicorn and Tigana.  However, you may also stumble upon a new book such as Catherynne Valente’s The Habitation of the Blessed: A Dirge for Prester John, Volume One.

He’s Friendly, Engaging, and Funny.

Whenever David comments, his remarks and thoughtful and insightful.  And though his focus on fantasy and writing might trick you into thinking he runs a very serious blog, his sense of humor is clear in many of his posts.  Check out his assessment of Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester.

He Has a Lively and Engaging Prose Style.

Reading his posts is a treat because he seemingly possesses an ability to make any topic interesting.  It feels like you’re having a lively chat with your book-loving friend by the fire.

5 Great Things About Rose Read

This November we’re celebrating some of the books bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new one each week and sharing 5 things we love about their blog.


I am a passionate, rigid, and vehement advocate of the Oxford Comma, but frankly couldn’t care less if you choose to carelessly split your infinitives.

Besides bookish things, I love dancing, singing, theater, and pretending my life is a musical.

Emily Offers Unique Content.

On her blog, Emily moves beyond book reviews  and the regular memes to feature original discussions.  She’s talked about The Echo Chamber of Book Blogging” and told us all what it’s like to work for a public library.  She also features content on the details of book blogging, such as the post in which she humorously discusses her social media fails.

She Features All Things Harry Potter!

Emily has waded into the Harry Potter canon debate, discussed why OotP is the best, and delighted us all with pictures of her library’s Fantastic Beasts event.  If you have a question about Harry Potter, she probably has the answer.  Or she’s simply around to share all your HP enthusiasm!

She’s Super Smart and Friendly!

Emily always leaves really thoughtful comments on our blog and answers the comments on her blog with interesting insights.  She’s not afraid to back up her opinion and she always does it respectfully while challenging you to consider her side of the question.

Her Blog Layout Is Clean and Easy to Read.

Her graphics are really delightful and her blog is easy to read and follow.  I think that new bloggers wondering what layouts might work best could look at her blog and immediately see what types of sidebar links are generally considered useful in the book blogging community and get a feel for good organization.

Her Tastes Are Eclectic.

When discussing literature, Emily moves easily from Harry Potter to classics to literary fiction.  In the book blog community, it sometimes feels as if you’ve read the same review for the same book twelve times, but Emily always keeps it fresh and surprising.

5 Great Things About Eclectic Tales

This November we’re celebrating some of the books bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new one each week and sharing 5 things we love about their blog.


Other than books, I have a range of other interests from (European) football (especially come the World Cup and the Euro), travelling, languages, and photography. I do also enjoy keeping up with what’s coming out in movie theatres and what’s on television (mainly UK shows, but also short series that catch my interest; I don’t have the same attention span or patience to keep up with a 22-episode season these days). I also love coffee; suffice to say I need it to survive.

As her blog name suggests, Lianne features an eclectic mix of media and reviews.

From movies to TV shows to novels, Lianne has it all covered.  Whether you’re looking for someone to get excited over a new trailer with you or hoping to find a new historical romance to read, Eclectic Tales is your go-to place.  Sometimes she even branches into soccer.  The diversity of posts really makes her blog stand out.

She features Canadian authors.

There are so many talented authors who are not writing from the U.S., but how do you find them?  Lianne occasionally spotlights Canadian authors!

She’s a Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fan.

Like us, Lianne is a huge Tolkien fan and celebrates Tolkien Reading Day each year–a very important date to mark on your calendars.  (Check out some of her recommended Tolkien reads.)  She also reads a lot of sci-fi and is currently celebrating an entire month of sci-fi!

She has a clean blog layout.

Lianne’s blog design looks incredibly professional and it’s also very peaceful.  There’s just something relaxing about all that nice open space combined with the blue tones.

She has a Lovely Personality.

We’ve never met, but on her blog Lianne comes across as a very enthusiastic, open, and friendly individual.  She’s also very excited about her latest reads and the latest films, and it’s almost contagious!  She also does her best to get back to any comments you leave and it always feels like she’s opening a genuine conversation.

5 Great Things about Rant and Rave about Books

This November, we’re celebrating some of the bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new blogger each week and listing five things we love about their blog.

Rant and Rave About Books

“As a writer, of course, I love reading. Every writer should be an avid reader. I think the two go hand-in-hand. On average, I read anywhere from five to ten books per month. Some weeks, I read that many within a few days, depending on my schedule. I mostly gravitate toward young adult and new adult novels that have a romantic or fantasy element to them, but I also like contemporary fiction, crime, suspense, mystery, and horror.”

Jillian Is an Avid Commenter

Jill replies to every comment on her blog and is a prolific commenter on other blogs in the community.  She leaves thoughtful comments and is always good for starting an interesting conversation.

And She Has a Fun Personality

If you like bloggers who share facts about their own lives in addition to talking about books, you’ll love Jillian.  Her blog is very personal, and it’s clear she has a fun personality.  She received some ridiculous questions when she asked what people wanted to know about her for her six-month blogoversary, and she shared some wonderfully entertaining answers.

She Isn’t Afraid to Share Her Opinion

Her blog isn’t called “Rant and Raves” for nothing. Jill is not afraid to say when a book is just bad–and the result is always both hilarious and very well argued.  She enjoys a good rant so much she even had a contest to find the best rant.  However, she’s also totally willing to give praise where it’s due. Check out this Rave Review for My Lady Jane.

She Loves Fantasy, But Also Tries New Things

We love fantasy at Pages Unbound–but we’re also somewhat eclectic readers.  Jill is, as well, and it’s always fun to see what she’s currently reading. She’s even branching out a bit more into adult books, though her blog still has a great YA core.

Her Blog Has a Great Design

Jill’s blog has a clean design and is easy to navigate.  Her logo has a Scrabble-tile feel to her, and what’s not to love about that?

5 Great Things about Simply Adrift

This November we’re celebrating some of the books bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new one each week and sharing 5 things we love about their blog.


Hello! I’m Jordon. I’m a kiwi girl living half way across the world in the big city London. I love to read, travel & explore. Welcome to Simply Adrift! A book blog where you will find everything book related, and anything book blogging related.

Jordan Posts Engaging Discussions

Jordan posts a wide variety of discussion about books and blogging. Recently she wrote about the things that make her want to read a blog.

She Gives Shout Outs to Other Bloggers

Jordan’s monthly wrap-up posts include comprehensive lists of links to other bloggers’ posts she enjoed throughout the month. This is a great way to share good content in the community and celebrate the work of other bloggers.

Her Instagram Has a Unique Style

Jordan’s Instagram combines the best of minimalism and color.  Her photographs have a distinct style and always pop. They’ll make you want to pick up a book and start reading, too!

She Loves Science Fiction

This month, Jordan is celebrating all things science fiction by participating in the Sci-Fi Month hosted by Rinn Reads. She’s featuring books, tv shows, movies, and more.

Her Blog is Eclectic

In addition to book reviews and bookish discussion posts, Jordan also discusses travel and what it’s like to be a bookworm abroad.  She has fantastic travel tips and shares some of her travelling adventures.

5 Great Things about Chasm of Books

This November we’re celebrating some of the books bloggers we’re grateful for by featuring a new one each week and sharing 5 things we love about their blog.

blog button

Chasm of Books is a blog specially dedicated to science fiction and fantasy novels and operated by Stephanie B. Chasm of Books seeks to find the best fantasy and science fiction to be enjoyed by young adults, preferably starting with Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (but I’ll take what I can get).”

Stephanie Loves JRR Tolkien As Much As We Do

Stephanie co-hosted a Lord of the Rings Read-Along in 2014.and has also been a great contributor to our biennial Tolkien Reading Events.  She hosted her own read-along for The Hobbit and regularly gushes about Tolkien on her blog and on Twitter.

She Also Loves Fantasy

Chasm of Books is all about featuring great fantasy and science fiction–two of our favorite genres here at Pages Unbound!  Stephanie’s blog design nicely ties in with the fantastical content of many of her posts.

She Posts Unique Book Discussions

In addition to posting book reviews, Stephanie features some great discussions about individual  books.  I’d love to see more bloggers go this direction into analyzing more specific aspects of books, rather than only writing discussions post about large-scale topics like “the fantasy genre” or “romance in literature.”  A couple of my favorites include Boromir’s Defense and 6 Bravest Acts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1.

She Keeps Up with the Publishing World

If you haven’t been keeping up with general publishing news, Stephanie keeps you covered with her feature Publishing in a Box.

Finally, Stephanie is Super-Friendly

Stephanie always leaves thoughtful replies to comments left on her blog and is willing to chat on Twitter. (She may also be one of about three people who check out our Facebook page now and again). She’s a great friend to have in the blogging community!

Tolkien Talk: Stephanie from Chasm of Books

Tolkien Event 2016

As part of our Tolkien Reading Celebration, we’ll be interviewing different bloggers about their love for Tolkien and what makes his works so special for them.

Stephanie is the mind behind Chasm of Books and takes great pleasure in revisiting the works of Tolkien over and over again. She considers herself a great champion of Nicole Castroman’s debut novel, Blackhearts, and dabbles in photography while working towards obtaining an associates in Marketing. By day she is a QA Analyst; by night she is a blogger and a writer with many ambitions.

blog button

Tell us about yourself! How did you come to love Tolkien and what do you enjoy reading about his works?

My first experience with Tolkien was The Hobbit. My older brother convinced me to read it, probably after I watched The Fellowship of the Ring movie. Shockingly, I actually didn’t enjoy it that much, but one chapter in particular caught my eye: “Riddles in the Dark.” From there, I decided to read The Fellowship of the Ring. Tolkien’s work is uniquely inspirational. The more I learn about his process, the more inspired I am. His writing is precise and striking. He could be writing about the most horrible thing one moment, but switch to describing the most beautiful scene in just a few words.

What’s one thing you learned from Tolkien you think everyone else should know?

Never give up. I began learning about the process Tolkien went through to create The Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth itself and I couldn’t be more impressed. If anyone can teach you to never give up, it would have to be him. The massive amount of changes he made to the first chapter itself are breathtaking. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re working on a long project. Tolkien taught me to enjoy the journey and keep at it.

Tell us about one of your favorite passages or scenes.

There are quite a few passages I love; I could search The Lord of the Rings trilogy for quite some time trying to choose one. The wisdom and truth in those pages is amazing; but I’d have to say that “Riddles in the Dark” remains a firm favorite of mine. It was one of the first scenes I read growing up that creeped me out. Just thinking about Bilbo in the Mines of Moria exchanging riddles with Gollum in an attempt to live… that is chilling.

Do you have any Tolkien confessions?

It took me years to finish The Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time. It took me approximately a year to finish each book after I’d started it and I took long breaks between each book. I used to have to tell people that it wasn’t taking me that long because it wasn’t good (still do sometimes).

If you could visit any place in Middle Earth, where would you go?

Oh gosh. What a question. I’m caught between The Shire and Rivendell. Perhaps I’d have to say Rivendell. I just think it’d be such a peaceful and beautiful place to be. Although, if I could stay

Blogger Interview: Stephanie from Chasm of Books (2)

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In the continuing spirit of celebrating bloggers this month (See The Book Blogger Love-A-Thon), I’m excited to interview one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie from Chasm of Books! We featured an interview with her in 2013, but she’s back answering all new questions!


Thanks for having me here today Briana and Krysta! Interviews are really growing on me so I’m excited to be able to participate in one myself!

What are some of the most popular posts or features on your blog?

I don’t really have any particular features per se but I do know that my Friday Couple (a retired feature) for Leo & Calypso from The Heroes of Olympus is definitely a favorite. A more recent favorite is 8 Blogging Tips for the 2015 Book Blogging Community, which I really enjoyed putting together.

What is your favorite book you have read so far this year?

Oh gosh, I’ve only read two books so far this year so it’s not really much of a competition. Ensnared by A.G. Howard is hands down my favorite. My first book of the year and it was definitely worth a 5 star rating. I love Howard’s Splintered series. I actually started reading Alice in Wonderland last year because of it and was really liking it. I should finish that…

Who are some of your favorite living authors?

Sarah J. Mass, Marissa Meyer, Page Morgan, Megan Shepherd, and John Flanagan. They’re all amazing. The world building and prose for all of them are fantastic. Page Morgan totally has the historical setting thing down with gargoyles. Sarah J. Mass is the current goddess of YA high fantasy. Marissa Meyer – I will read anything she writes because she is simply amazing with her world building and science fiction fairy tale retellings. Megan Shepherd does an excellent job writing wonderfully twisted stories (they’re really creepy). As for John Flanagan, he’s a childhood favorite. I’ll read anything he writes as well.

If you could live in any fictional setting, which would you choose?

Fictional setting? Well I’d have to choose Middle Earth of course because one, it’s high fantasy. Two, it’s Tolkien. And three, Middle Earth is beautiful, exciting, rich, and wonderful all at once.

What book’s movie would you most like a role in?

Now that’s a good question… if we’re talking about books that may or may not ever be made into a movie, I’d have to go with The Selection because of the dresses. Yes, I’m a sucker for fancy dresses and princess dresses are just so pretty. If I have to choose from one that’s already a movie, then I’ll have to go with Pride & Prejudice.

Who is your favorite literary couple?

You’re killing me here. My single favorite of favorites? I’m not sure how long this will be true for since I read a lot of books, but I’ll have to go with Captain Thorne and Cress from Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. They’re so cute together. Captain Thorne has all of the charisma, charm, and good looks and Cress can be a bit of an airhead but is really smart and sweet. If that makes any sense… think Rapunzel from Tangled. That’s a good comparison personality wise.

Do you do any writing outside of book blogging?

Yes! Besides my homework, I write books. I’ve written six and three quarters of a seventh, so we’ll just go with 7. Three are science fiction, two are high fantasy, one is a murder mystery, and the other is a contemporary. I like to experiment, okay?

Can you link us to three of your favorite blogs to read?

Now there’s an easy question, even though I follow a bunch of amazing blogs. Elle & Co., Nose Graze, and Paper Fury. I love the distinct voices and styles on each blog.


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