Third Annual Book Blogger Awards: Time to Vote

Book Blogger Awards Voting Round

We’ve been nominated for best discussion posts!

Krysta and I both posted our nominations for the Third Annual Book Blogger Awards, which were started by Write Through the Night and are now hosted by May at Forever and Everly.

May has now tallied up the nominations and created a Google doc where you can vote for your favorite bloggers to become this year’s winners.

Krysta and I are so excited to have been nominated for “Best Discussion Posts!” 

Thank you to everyone who nominated us!  And if you like our discussion posts, you can consider voting for us here.

Here are some of the rules from May’s site:

You are required to be signed into your Google account for security purposes, but that information will not be shared by me. You are not allowed to vote more than twice, and you are allowed to vote for yourself. You do not have to vote in every category, but it’s encouraged to vote in as many as you can. Bloggers are in randomized order. This form will close on Wednesday, July 31, at 11:59 PM CDT, and results will be posted most likely during the week of August 4-10!

Some of the discussion posts we published in July:

There are more discussions to come!

3rd Annual Book Blogger Awards: Briana’s Nominations

3rd Annual Blogger Awards: Nominations

May at Forever and Everly is hosting the Third Annual Book Blogger awards, started by Joce.  This is my nomination post.  Check out the full explanation, rules, categories, etc. by clicking here.

This comes with the normal disclaimer that, of course, I like tons of bloggers and can’t feature them all, but I’d like to give a shout-out to at least some of my favorites!

Also I may not fill out a nomination for every category, so if you want to vote, you should check out the original post at Forever and Everly.

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