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Nancy Drew Event

Nancy Drew

In April 2016 we celebrated the girl detective who has undergone radical changes over the years, but remains a model of girl power.

Tolkien Reading Event 2016

Tolkien Event 2016

In March 2016 we hosted our third Tolkien Reading Event.

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

Coming February 2016.

  • Six Questions to Help You Brainstorm Discussion Posts
  • Writing Creative Posts
  • Should You Host Giveaways to Promote Traffic?
  • What to Do If You’ve been Plagiarized
  • other topics to be announced

Wizarding School adventure

HP Event Banner

During Summer 2015, we posted a interactive Hogwarts adventure.  Start by visiting Diagon Alley for school supplies and continue through to graduation and your first job!

July 27:

July 28:

July 29:

July 30:

July 31:

August 1:

Celebrating William Shakespeare

Shakespeare 2

In April 2015, we hosted posts celebrating the works of the early modern poet and playwright William Shakespeare.

Charlotte Bronte Banner

Celebrating Charlotte Brontë

In January 2015, we hosted a week of posts celebrating the works of the nineteenth century author Charlotte Brontë.

Tolkien 2014

Tolkien Reading Celebration 2014

In March 2014, we hosted our second Tolkien Reading Celebration in honor of Tolkien Reading Day (3/25).

LotR Button

The Lord of the Rings Read-Along

From January to March 2014, Pages Unbound and Stephanie of Chasm of Hosts co-hosted a read-along of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.h.

  • January: Stephanie led discussion on The Fellowship of the Ring at her blog, Chasm of Books.
  • February: Krysta led discussion on The Two Towers here at Pages Unbound.
  • March: Briana led  discussion on The Return of the King here at Pages Unbound.

Each month featured discussion posts, a Twitter chat, and a mystery activity.

January Schedule (The Fellowship of the Ring)

Recommended Reading Schedule:

  • Week 1 – Chapters 1 – 5
  • Week 2 – Chapters 6 – 11
  • Week 3 – Chapters 12 – 17
  • Week 4 – Chapters 18 – 22

February Schedule (The Two Towers)

Recommended Reading Schedule

  • Saturday, February 8: Book III Chapters 1-6
  • Friday, February 14: Book III Chapters 7-11
  • Friday, February 21: Book IV Chapters 1-5
  • Thursday, February 27: Book IV Chapters 6-10.

March Schedule (The Return of the King)

March Calendar

Recommended Reading Schedule

  • First Discussion: Chapters 1-6 of Book V
  • Second Discussion: Chapters 7-10 of Book V and Chapters 1-2 of Book VI
  • Third Discussion: Chapters 3-9 of Book VI

Halloween Button

Halloween Celebration

In late October and early November 2013, Pages Unbound celebrated Halloween by featuring scary tales.

Reading Robin Hood

Robin Hood Button

On July 1-6, 2013, we hosted a Reading Robin Hood event, welcoming all posts related to Robin Hood books or films, including retellings. 

C. S. Lewis Read-Along

Lewis Button

In February 2013,we held a month-long read-along of the works of C. S. Lewis with book reviews, discussion posts, and activities.

L. M. Montgomery Read-Along

On July 8, 2012, we hosted a two-week L. M. Montgomery Read-Along featuring reviews, guest posts, a personality quiz, and more.

Tolkien Reading Event 2012

Tolkien 2012


On March, 25, 2012, we hosted a two-week long Tolkien Reading Event with reviews, guest posts, and surveys to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day.

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