The 10 Best YA Books I Read in 2022

10 Best YA Books of 2022

I didn’t get to read as much in 2022 as I have in some previous years, but I still read a number of books that were fantastic! Here is my 2022 list for my favorite young adult books of the year. Books are listed in alphabetical order by author last name, and they are books I personally read in 2022, not necessarily published in 2022.

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Flowerheart by Catherine Bakewell

If you want a lighter fantasy that will draw you in and have you cheering for the main character’s success at every turn, while making you feel right at home, Flowerheart may be for you.

Blood and Moonlight book cover

Blood and Moonlight by Erin Beaty

Blood and Moonlight combines medieval architecture, a murder mystery, and fantasy to create a compelling story unique in the YA scene. Multi-faceted characters kept me riveted to the pages, as they attempted to get into the mind of a serial killer and stop him before his victims pile even higher.

How to Succeed in Witchcraft book cover

How to Succeed in Witchcraft by Aislinn Brophy

How to Succeed in Witchcraft is a creative and moving story that brings readers to a world that functions very similarly to ours–except it’s magic! Protagonist Shay Johnson faces the same pressures as many high schoolers, taking a full load of AP courses in subjects like Potions and Transfiguration and competing hard for a free-ride scholarship to a magical licensing college. Author Aislinn Brophy seamlessly blends her rich magical world building with these real world concerns, creating a story that is sure to stick in readers’ minds after the last page is turned.

Ballad of Never After book cover

The Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber

I wrote in my review of Once Upon a Broken Heart that Stephanie Garber had blown me away with a fairy tale world that felt fresh and new and, of course, rather dangerous and with a romance that had my eyes glued to the page. And there is so sequel slump here. The Ballad of Never After continues Evangeline’s story with immersive writing and a story I could hardly put down, and now I’m dying to read the third book.

Forging Silver into Stars by Brigid Kemmerer

If you enjoyed the Cursebreakers trilogy, you will certainly love this continuation. If you were on the fence, I think it’s worth picking this up and giving Kemmerer another shot, as her writing only continues to improve.

A Darkness at the Door by Intisar Khanani

Intisar Khanani has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I fell in love with her storytelling after reading Thorn (a “Goose Girl” retelling), and The Theft of Sunlight was one of my top reads of 2021. I couldn’t wait to continue reading Rae’s tale in A Darkness at the Door, since The Theft of Sunlight ended on a huge cliffhanger, and I was not disappointed. Action, adventure, a bit of magic, a bit of mystery, romance . . . this book has it all, and it’s all led by Rae with her will of iron and a sense of morality she will not have stamped down.


The Dragon’s Promise by Elizabeth Lim

I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Lim’s work since I read Spin the Dawn, and as a sequel to Six Crimson CranesThe Dragon’s Promise did not disappoint. It has action, adventure, vivid world building, and the strong family ties readers first saw in book one when Shiori committed herself to saving her brothers from a life as cranes.

The Drowned Woods book cover

The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones

Every so often I am blessed to read a book that is nearly everything I could want in a YA fantasy. With compelling characters, a fast-paced plot, a vividly imagined world and a corgi sidekick, The Drowned Woods delivers an enchanting reading experience. I finished this book in two days after a minor reading slump, and I’d be happy to check out more of the author’s work in the future.

Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove book cover

Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove by Rati Mehrota

Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove is a fast-paced epic fantasy that brings readers into a world of magic and monsters (some of whom are closer to home than protagonist Katyani might like). With lush world building and thoughtful questions about what makes a family and identity, this one is sure to be a hit with fantasy fans.

Hotel Magnifique book cover

Hotel Magnifique by Emily J. Taylor

Hotel Magnifique is a riveting fantasy that takes readers on a journey with protagonist Jani as she snares a coveted position working in the world’s most (okay, only) magical hotel — and slowly begins to realize things might not be as glamorous as they seem. The lush world building, dazzling magic, sense of mystery, and strong family ties makes this a story very worth reading.


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