Miles Morales: Stranger Tides by Justin A. Reynolds & Pablo Leon

Miles Morales Stranger Tides Book Cover


Goodreads: Miles Morales: Stranger Tides
Series: Miles Morales Graphic Novels #2
Age Category: Middle Grade
Source: Library
Published: 2022


Miles Morales is starting to get the hang of being Spider-Man. Then people around the world start freezing–and the phenomenon seems to be connected to the launch of a highly-anticipated video game. Miles is on the case, but he might need some backup if he plans to defeat the Stranger. The Stranger has judged humanity and deemed that the only justice is for the world to consume itself.

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Miles Morales is back in the sequel to Shock Waves, and he finally feels like he might be able to swing this whole Spider-Man thing. Furthermore, people are starting to accept him as a real superhero, and he even has an invite to the launch of a hot new video game. But when the Stranger judges humanity and decides that half the populace must die, Miles might just find he needs some backup. Stranger Tides is not the most original story, but it features an engaging protagonist and stellar artwork. It is worth a read for fans of Spider-Man, even if does not feel like a must-read for graphic novel fans in general.

Justin A. Reynolds is known for his banter, and that works particularly well for a character like Spider-Man. Miles’ narration feel genuine for the character, and sometimes even witty–not just sarcastic. I love Miles, so it’s rewarding to see him in good hands. Reynolds balances the humor with heart, showing how Miles’ love for his friends and family drives him. The relationships in the book are one of the most rewarding aspects, even when it sometimes feel like they deserve a bit more development.

Though the storyline sometimes feels confusing and not all characters get enough time to feel fully developed, fans of Spider-Man will still love this one. The fast-paced action, large cast of characters, and general feeling of forward motion will keep the attention of readers, while the fun and colorful artwork is also sure to attract. Stranger Tides may not be my favorite Miles Morales story, but it is entertaining, and I would likely read another installment in the series.

3 Stars

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