Cinder’s Adventure: Get Me to the Wedding! by Marissa Meyer

Cinder's Adventure Get Me to the Wedding book cover for review


Goodreads: Cinder’s Adventure: Get Me to the Wedding!
Series: None
Age Category: Young Adult
Source: Purchased
Published: March 15, 2022

Official Summary

Cinder, the star of the Lunar Chronicles, is getting married! She and Emperor Kai have made it to their big day – now all Cinder has to do is show up and say “I do.” But it’s not so easy when there are twists and turns and obstacles along the way, and you, the reader, are in control of her fate, along with the many friends and strangers she meets on this adventure. Can you and Cinder make it to happily ever after?

For fans of the #1 New York Times-bestselling author Marissa Meyer, this is the ultimate interactive celebration of all things Lunar Chronicles. And, bonus: you’ll also discover characters and settings from Heartless, Renegades, Instant Karma, and Gilded, along with so many possible endings! This inventive and fun adventure is a must-have for fans, only available as an e-book exclusive.

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I love choose your own adventure books (I know that specific term is trademarked, but it’s what everyone calls this type of book; sorry!), so I was thrilled to see one from one of my favorite YA fantasy authors! I admit I do think it seems a bit gimmicky?, but I can get behind gimmicky sometimes. And did I say I love choose your own adventure books?

It was my fault, however, that I did not read the summary of Get Me to the Wedding carefully. I had assumed this book was purely set in the world of the Lunar Chronicles and that the different paths would be semi-realistic (in terms of the world building of the Lunar Chronicle series). Instead, Get Me to the Wedding is a mash-up of literally every book Marissa Meyer has ever written, so there are scenarios of Cinder running into the Jabberwock from Heartless, the Erlking from Gilded, etc. (There are supposed to be references to the Renegades series and Instant Karma, as well, though I don’t think I found those paths yet.)

The effect is extremely bizarre. Everything is kind of just thrown together and it doesn’t really make sense, and it certainly relies on the reader having read basically all of Meyer’s back catalogue. And then a lot of time on each path is spent on Cinder’s being very confused about where she is and how there’s different magic from in her world, etc., every single time you pick a different path. I know a lot of readers are going to think this is incredibly fun seeing everything mixed together, but I honestly mostly found it trippy and weird. I just wanted a book with Cinder doing relatively normal things in her own world. Again, my fault for not paying attention to the book description,

In terms of formatting, I really liked that instead of being sent to a specific page when I made a choice in the adventure, I was sent to a specific chapter. This made it a lot easier to navigate as an ebook, as I could just go to the table of contents if I wanted to find something specific and click the chapter link there. I am officially nominating this as an idea that more choose your own adventure books follow.

So, this was okay for me. I was entertained for about 15 minutes. I’m glad I bought it with promotional credits from Amazon, though, because it wouldn’t have been worth the list price for me. I love Marissa Meyer in general and I am extremely looking forward to Cursed being released soon, but meh. I’ve just read a lot of other choose your own adventure books I thought were more interesting. Check this out if you’re a Meyer super fan, I guess.

3 Stars

4 thoughts on “Cinder’s Adventure: Get Me to the Wedding! by Marissa Meyer

  1. Krysta says:

    I was confused when I first read the summary because I thought maybe Gilded, Heartless, and the Lunar Chronicles were actually all set in the same world and I had totally overlooked that this entire time. Like, oh sure, Gilded is just set in a country Cinder hasn’t heard of and they’re not up to date with space travel yet?? So confusing.


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