10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in March 2022

Post Round-Up

Around the Blogopshere

  1. Siena explains: Why I’m Changing the Way I Rate Books
  2. Emily declares Blogging Is Dead, But That’s Okay.
  3. Rukky discusses updating old content and reviews.
  4. Siena provides an introduction to comics and a mini guide.
  5. Saima does a mini Q&A for her one year blogiversary.
  6. Lucy discusses the benefits of counseling for characters.
  7. Maria explains where to buy books as an international reader.
  8. Dinipandareads talks about buying secondhand books.
  9. The Orangutan Librarian shares a few unusual fairy tale retellings.
  10. Sandra reviews If She Wakes by Erik Therme.
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