2022 “Support Book Bloggers” Challenge: March Check-in


This year, Pages Unbound is hosting a challenge to support and promote book bloggers through sharing posts, commenting on posts, and otherwise recognizing book bloggers. If you would like more information on how it works or how to join in, read the introduction post here.

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Again, you can do the tasks in any order you like, but January’s “official” task was to Comment on 10 Posts on Book Blogs. You could also create a blog post or Twitter thread sharing which posts you commented on.

Here are some posts I commented on in March:

  1. My Really Late “Books I’m Excited for in 2022” Post!
  2. Book Blogging Is Dead, But That’s Okay
  3. Bolivian Literature: A Story of Self-Publishing in Bolivia
  4. Buying Secondhand Books
  5. Endless TBR: Books I’ve Wanted To Read For Over 5 Years
  6. Should YOU Read The Atlas Six?
  7. To All the ARCs I Loved Before
  8. How to Read for Free
  9. Book Review: The Kiss of Deception
  10. Out of Office in Review

If you wrote a post, shared a Twitter thread, or did anything else this month you’d like to share, please leave a link in the comments. And since we’re supporting bloggers, be sure to check out some of the links that other people have left!

Happy blogging!


18 thoughts on “2022 “Support Book Bloggers” Challenge: March Check-in

  1. aakankshagupta says:

    Thank you very much for including my post! I can’t wait to read the ones you mention here. As a new book blogger, I am so excited to take part in this challenge and to learn more. 🙂


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