Kristy’s Great Idea by Ann M. Martin & Raina Telgemeier

Baby-Sitter's Club Book One Kristy's Great Idea

GoodreadsKristy’s Great Idea
Series: Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels #1
Age Category: Middle Grade
Source: Library
Published: 2015

Official Summary

In this new graphic novel edition of the very first Baby-Sitters Club book, Raina Telgemeier captures all the drama of the original in warm, spunky illustrations. Witness Kristy’s eureka moment, when she gets the idea for a “baby-sitters club” and enlists her best friends, shy Mary Anne and artistic Claudia, in an exciting new venture. But the baby-sitting business isn’t the only thing absorbing their attention: Kristy is having a hard time accepting her stepdad-to-be, and the newest member of the gang, Stacey, seems to be hiding a secret.

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This graphic novel adaptation captures the fun of the Baby-Sitters Club books for a new generation. Kristy, Mary-Anne, Claudia, and Stacey are back–now in full-color–to teach readers life lessons as they encounter changes ranging from a new step-dad to Kristy to a new diagnosis for Stacey. Readers who enjoyed Ann M. Martin’s original books will feel all the nostalgic feels with these books, but readers new to the books will also find a lot to love.

Much of the appeal of the Baby-Sitters Club probably comes from the diverse set of personalities and experiences that the members bring them. In book one, for instance, readers are first introduce to sporty Kristy who is a great leader, but who also cannot keep her mouth shut. But there is also artsy Claudia, struggling with living up to her academically over-achieving sister Janine. Shy Mary Anne, whose father is too controlling since his wife died. And Stacey, the glamorous new girl from New York City, who is also trying to navigate learning that she has diabetes. Readers can probably find something to identify with in at least one of the characters, whether they feel out-going or shy, artsy or bookish, sporty or not.

But the appeal does not rest solely in the depiction of all these differences, but in their celebration. The members of the Baby-Sitters Club know that each member has strengths, which they praise and encourage each other to use. They also know that each member has weaknesses, which they support each other in working through. The members each has moments of growth, and their friends are always there to celebrate that.

A feel-good book celebrating the power of friendship and the fun of growing up just can’t be beat! Pick this one up if you feel nostalgic for the Baby-Sitters Club, or if you want to discover what all the hype is about. You just might be a new fan!

4 stars

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