5 Quick and Easy Ways to Support Book Bloggers in 2022

Previously I’ve written about what I view as some of the best ways to support and promote book bloggers, from commenting on and sharing their posts. This year, however, I’m also recommending smaller ways to keep book bloggers in mind and make their day.

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1. Include Book Bloggers When You Discuss “Bookish Influencers”

I cannot count the number of times in the past years when I have seen authors, publishers, and non-blogger book influencers list bookish influencers they want to thank, recognize, or support — and their lists completely failed to mention book bloggers.

For example, an author will tweet: “Thank you to all the Booktubers, Bookstagrammers, BookTokers, and other bookish influencers who have supported my book and made my debut a success.”

I see that, and my face falls. Publishers and authors do still send ARCs to book bloggers, even if they send more to influencers on other platforms. Publishers still organize blog tours. Authors do interviews and write guest posts for blogs. The least they can do is acknowledge book bloggers exist instead of, if bloggers are lucky, resigning them to the “other influencers” category.

2. “Like” Their Blog Posts

I’ve written before about how I believe leaving book bloggers comments on their posts is the single best ways to support them, and it’s generally accepted that the vast majority of bloggers prefer a comment to a “like.” However, I think “likes” still have value. If you’ve read a post but don’t have time to comment or can’t think of a comment to leave, a “like” still indicates that you read and enjoyed the post — and it signals that both to the blog owner and to other readers. If someone sees that a blogger’s post has a large number of “likes,” that will suggest to them that post has value, and they will be more likely to read it themselves.

3. Share Bloggers’ Posts to Social Media

It only takes a couple seconds to click the “share to Twitter” button at the bottom of a blog post and help a blogger reach a larger audience. While it’s nice if you write a little bit about why you enjoyed the post and think others should read it, you certainly don’t have to. Increased social media links pointing to a blog can also help bloggers get a small SEO boost and improve their traffic beyond just the people who click on the original tweeted link.

If you’re planning to buy a book or other item anyway and you know a book blogger has affiliate links, consider using them. There’s no cost to you, and because many book bloggers end up earning very little from affiliate links, it will certainly make their day.

5. Follow Their Social Media

Is there a blogger you like, but you’re only following their blog or only following them on one social media site? Consider following them on other platforms to increase their reach and show your support.

How do you like to support book bloggers?


30 thoughts on “5 Quick and Easy Ways to Support Book Bloggers in 2022

  1. Jenna @ Falling Letters says:

    I used to never ‘like’ posts… I’d read a post and either comment or not. But as I found myself reading more posts that I enjoyed but had nothing to comment on, I accepted the ‘like’ button as a small way to show my appreciation. (One thing I do try to do, though, is comment on posts that have a lot of likes but few or no comments.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Antonia says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful tips. I especially liked #3. It’s not one I’ve considered before so this was eye opening for me. It’ll be something I’ll make sure to do in the future.


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