What Is the Ideal Posting Schedule for a Book Blog?

What Is the Ideal Posting Schedule for Book Blogs?

We post fairly frequently at Pages Unbound about our experiences gaining blog traffic. We have suggested general strategies, talked about Pinterest, and discussed how non-generic graphics could help. However, we have not yet fully touched upon the question of posting frequency. Does posting more often increase blog traffic? And is there an ideal amount that book bloggers should try to post?

Unfortunately, I do not have any hard data about the relationship between posting frequency and blog traffic, only my anecdotal experiences and personal preferences. As a reader, I do know that I consult posting frequency when visiting a new blog and deciding whether or not to follow. If a month has passed without a new post, and no notice of a hiatus, I think the blog might no longer be active and I might not bother to follow. But even if I scroll through the past posts and see that the regular posting frequency is only once a month or less, I might not decide to follow. Because I have no established relationship with or knowledge of the blogger, I do not know if the posts will continue when they seem infrequent. I have seen many blogs begin and end very quickly, and so, especially if a blog is very new, a lack of frequent posts can be a sign for concern for me, the reader.

If I am already familiar with a blogger and their work, posting frequency might matter less to me. I would in this case have some idea that so-and-so posts only infrequently, but that is just their habit. They have not disappeared and I should not remove the blog from my reader when I go to clean it out (which I do periodically). However, the key here is that I still need to be familiar with the blogger. I need to remember who they are when a new post appears again. If a blogger posts very infrequently, I might actually forget who they are and why I followed the blog in the first place. Especially if, in the interim, the blogger has changed the website design or even the focus of the entire blog. Ideally, blogs should be updated often enough that readers still recognize them and are not confused when a new post is published.

To me, a post at least once at week seems like the minimum for bloggers who want to stay on readers’ radar–especially if a blog is just starting out. Showing consistency and keeping content in front of people is really important for new bloggers because this is the time to build a brand, so to speak. Gaining that initial audience is hard–but it is even harder when that potential audience cannot find new content to read, comment on, and wait for expectantly. Once a blog has a number of regular followers, posting frequency can probably drop because there is enough back content for readers to engage with while waiting for new material.

Here at Pages Unbound, we post daily–but that is probably not an achievable goal for most. We are able to do so in part because there are two of us. Most blogs, however, only have one person doing everything–and there is a lot to do from photography to graphic design to social media to commenting to actually writing content. And real life always has to come first. What I can say from posting daily, however, is that posting frequently really does matter when it comes to gaining more views. The more content a blog has, the more there is for readers to discover, connect with, and maybe even link back to. Additionally, more content means more for people to find when using search engines. At this point of our blog’s life cycle, most of our daily traffic actually does come from search engine hits and not other bloggers. Interspersing evergreen content with other types of posts can help bloggers gain traffic this way.

Ultimately, how often one should post will come down to one’s personal schedule, preferences, and audiences. However, bloggers seeking to grow their traffic may want to keep a few tips in mind. Posting more often can result in more traffic because there is more for people to read and engage with. And bloggers just starting out should post more frequently at least in the beginning, so readers know what kind of content to expect from the blog and so they can be reassured that the blog will stay active. There is no magic formula for successful blogging. But delivering quality content with some consistency can certainly help grow an audience.

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