15 Popular YA Series I Haven’t Read

YA Series I Haven't Read

We read a lot here at Pages Unbound and we try to keep up with many of the new releases. Even so, there are plenty of popular YA series I haven’t read. Here’s why.

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This one was simply the victim of too much hype. Sometimes, when I see a book around too much, I kind of feel like I don’t even need to read it anymore because it’s already everywhere in my life.

Chaos Walking

I was never too interested in this series because the dystopian trend made me tired of the genre in general. Then I watched the 2021 movie, which strengthened my resolved not to pick up the series. Even if the book is better, the general premise seems overdone and frankly not too interesting or innovative.

The Folk of the Air

This series just seems too dark for me. I guess there’s no real way to know if I haven’t read it, though!


I actually have no idea why I never picked up this series.

I Am Number Four

I understand this series to be about aliens, but I am not fond of alien stories or sci-fi, in general.

Legend Series

Another dystopian series? Yawn.

The Mortal Instruments

There are demons or vampires involved here, I think? Paranormal books do not usually interest me, so I passed this one up.

The Selection

Another dystopian world. Also, it’s kind of like The Bachelor? The premise of the show kind of disturbs me, so I imagine this series would disturb me, too.

Shatter Me

Even though I saw this around everywhere, I never quite understood what the plot was. And some of the Goodreads reviews say the prose does not work. I tried and failed to read another book by Mafi–because of the prose– so I suspect I may not be the best audience for this one.

The Star-Touched Queen

I just never got around to it and now, because I have seen it hyped so much, I rather feel as if I don’t have to. It’s almost like seeing the book everywhere makes me think I must have already read it. Or at least invested too much of my time into it.

Throne of Glass

Assassin books now feel overdone, and Maas seems to have a very controversial reputation–readers either love or hate her writing. I’m a little afraid I might not love it.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I don’t read a lot of contemporary romance in general.


I’m just not into paranormal romance!


I’ve said it before–I’m just burnt out on dystopias.

The Young Elites

I could never tell if this was dystopia or a general sci-fi or what. So I didn’t read it.

What do you think? Am I missing out by not reading any of these series?