5 Things I Look for Before Following a Book Blog

What makes me follow a blog? I do not really need fancy graphics or a professionally-designed template. However, I do value ease of access and consistency! Below are five things I look for before I press “follow.”

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A “Follow” Button

Having an easy way for readers to follow a blog may seem obvious, but a lot of blogs are actually missing a visible “follow” button! But if I don’t see a “follow” button, I have to open up the WordPress Reader and copy and paste the blog address to follow it. I’m frankly a lot less likely to do all that than I am simply to click a button.

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Recent Posts

After I check that I actually have a way to follow a blog, I then check to see that the blog is still active. Of course, bloggers do not need to post every day. However, I do value blogs that are fairly consistent with new content. If it has been a month or more since the last post, and there is no notice about going on hiatus, I start to wonder if the blog is still being updated.

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If I can’t navigate the site, I cannot tell if it has content I would enjoy. I like blogs that have a wall full of current posts that I can browse through rather than ones with landing pages where it is hard for me to see what is being posted. Sometimes landing pages only have one or two categories, and I’m not really sure where to find the other types of posts that do not have a button linking to them. I’d rather use a sidebar to navigate, rather than having to go back to a landing page all the time.

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Shared Interests

Of course, I enjoy reading blogs where the blogger and I have shared interests. This could be a shared taste in books, but it could also mean engaging discussion posts about bookish matters, hobbies that are interesting (even if I don’t participate in them myself), or cute cat photos.

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Variety of Content

This goes with the above, but I like seeing a variety of content on blogs just because it gives me more opportunities to find shared interests. I may not read a lot of adult fiction or romances or paranormal books, but if a blogger who reads these things also blogs about other things or has in-depth discussion posts, I might still be interested in following!

What do you look for when following book blogs?

24 thoughts on “5 Things I Look for Before Following a Book Blog

  1. Books Teacup and Reviews says:

    this was great. I was thinking to write post on this topic. That first point made smille. I often see people don’t put follow button anywhere in post. I also don’t like if there isn’t ‘Like’ button, how am I supposed to show I liked the post if I don’t see Like button! I also like variety of content.


    • Krysta says:

      I find it completely baffling that so many people don’t have a follow button. How do they expect me to follow??

      I have heard of bloggers who took the “like” button off because they don’t value the “likes” or prefer comments. I suppose it’s more rewarding to get comments, but I think the “like” can be helpful for readers. I use it when I can’t think of anything to comment or when I am pressed for time and can’t leave a comment, but I still want to acknowledge that I have read the post.

      I imagine “likes” are especially meaningful for blogs with fewer followers or blogs just starting out, as a way to know that they really are reaching people. So I don’t feel bad about “only” leaving a like–every interaction is a morale booster!

      Also, yes, I would love to see your take on this topic!

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  2. Karla says:

    This is such a great post!! I look for the same things and it actually motivates me to do better with my own blog when I see sites that I discover and really want to follow! 🥰


  3. JdV says:

    Yes! I look for all of these things. I also look for what sort of books they feature too. If I’ve never heard of any of them or they only read something like Horror, then I’m not likely to follow. I like some common ground between me and the people I follow.


  4. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    I think the ease to navigate is very important too. I don’t like landing on a general pahe with no selection of recent posts. Also following blogs that have siilar interest as in book blogs or art blog for me


    • Krysta says:

      It seems to me that landing pages got popular for awhile, faded away, and now are coming back. I’ve always found them confusing, though because none of them seem to link to an entire blog, just sections of the blog?


  5. Sophie @ Me & Ink says:

    I think having a follow button and good navigation on your blog is so important as newcomers want easy access. You just need it really !! Great tips to remember. I also think the layout of the posts themselves is important– instead of massive blocks of text, it needs headers, dividers so it is easy to read and just visually desirable.
    Great post, I loved all your tips!!


  6. Mei-Mei says:

    Great points. I’m not really a book blogger, but I follow a bunch, and I look for originality of content. Maybe they have a fresh perspective that I haven’t seen before, or a really engaging voice, or a type of post that distinguishes them from other bloggers. A lot of what I see is people posting the same opinions about the same books, and it feels like it clutters up my Reader.


  7. Eustacia | Eustea Reads says:

    I agree with the recent posts thing! I think landing pages have become really popular recently and advice for them often comes with “remove the menu bar to remove distractions” which… ironically, distracts me hahahaha


    • Krysta says:

      I always feel like I must be using landing pages wrong because I really just want to see the entire blog at once. But that doesn’t seem like a thing I can do?? I can only click on “book reviews” or “memes” or “tags” and see that all at once. It’s very confusing for me. Like, what if I just want to see the latest five posts?

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