12 Things You Didn’t Know the Library Could Assist You With

Here are 12 things the library can assist you with that you might not have known about!

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Standardized Test Prep

Most people probably know that there are books full of tips and practice tests for the standardized tests encountered in high school or to get into college and grad school. However, many libraries also subscribe to online databases that offer practice tests and strategies, as well.

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Career Test Prep

Many fields from teaching to cosmetology to the postal service requires tests from applicants. The library may have books to help but, more likely, the library probably offers an online database with practice tests. So if you are thinking about changing careers or entering a new field, check the website of your local library.

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Computer Skills

Libraries often offer online databases with videos, posts, and even interactive tutorials that can help individuals learn basic computer skills for things like email, spreadsheets, and word processors. Or they might even offer appointments with a librarian who can offer personalized assistance.

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Just as many libraries subscribe to online databases with practice tests for high school, college, and career tests, so they may offer practice materials for the GED, as well. So, before you buy a book, check out the website of your local library or ask a librarian for assistance.

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The Citizenship Test

Libraries offer study guides and practice tests for citizenship tests, too! There may be books or flashcards available for those who prefer physical materials, but there will likely be online databases offering assistance, as well.

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Family History

If you do not want to pay for a genealogy site, check your local library’s website. Many public libraries subscribe to special library versions of the most popular family history websites.

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Academic Tutoring

Some libraries offer in-person tutoring. Some pay for online tutors. Either way, if you need some help with your homework, check out what the library is offering before you look elsewhere. After all, the library is free!

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Notary Services

Not all libraries offer notary services, but some do. Check your library’s website or give them a call to see if you can’t get two errands done at once on your next library visit.

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Museum and Park Passes

Want to attend a local museum or park but don’t want to pay? Some libraries have passes for the community to check out free!

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WiFi (at Home)

Certainly you can access the internet at the library, but did you know that many libraries now offer WiFi hotspots that can be checked out? Borrow one for home, if you don’t pay for internet, or consider taking one on the road.

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Tablets, E-Readers, and Laptops

Now that you have a WiFi hotspot from the library, you might need a device to use it with. Many libraries now offer devices to be checked out, as well!

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Borrowing Things That Are Not Books

Yes, libraries have books, music, movies, and video games. Some have more, though. You might find tools, seeds, baking pans, telescopes, board games, and more to be checked out. So before you buy something you might use once, see if your local library has a “collection of things.”

What are some services you were surprised that the library offers?

11 thoughts on “12 Things You Didn’t Know the Library Could Assist You With

  1. Ari Augustine says:

    This post is awesome! I used to tutor students and adults at the library, which was a great experience. People often don’t know they can get help with everything from their resume and GED to citizen exam prep and ESL practice. I also loved that our library offered computer classes, specifically software systems like Adobe and Microsoft. The library is such a magical place filled with all the resources a person could need 🙂


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