6 Reasons I Love to Read Book Blogs

1. Book Blogging Is Accessible and Diverse

To start a book blog, one needs access to books and the Internet, and that’s basically it. There is close to no monetary commitment (especially if you have access to a library and aren’t even buying the books), and there are no special skills required beyond being decent at writing. In contrast, influencers on more visual platforms often invest in (expensive) quality equipment for filming or photography, and of course it’s helpful if you have a talent for performing on video and if you’re conventionally attractive. Book blogging, then, seems more open to the average person, meaning we get a wide variety of voices and bloggers from different backgrounds, and I love hearing what they all have to say.

2. I Love Reading the Comments

Comments on blogs do seem to have been decreasing recently, but overall I still think blogs are one of the best places to get a conversation going on in the comments. Readers often leave lengthy and thoughtful replies, which is much less common on other platforms. On BookTok, the likes and views might outstrip the kind of traffic one gets on a book blog, but it seems as if many people barely leave a comment beyond a couple words long. I love reading blogs because I can see not only what the original blogger thinks about a topic but also what a bunch of other people think about it.

3. Blogs Often Get to the Point Faster Than Videos

I don’t watch a lot of videos in general, and that’s because I find it infinitely faster to read something than to listen to a video about it. A booktube video might be 10 minutes or longer, and it’s difficult to skip over parts you’re not particularly interested in. (For example, I can skip reading the book summary on a blog post if I already know what the book is about and don’t need to read it, but that’s harder to do on a video.) I’m also a fairly quick reader, and I like knowing I can read several blog posts in the time it would take me to watch one booktube video.

4. There’s Less Stress to Focus on “Popular” Books

Every time a news article pops up about the miracles of BookTok for views and book promotion, users are quick to point out that making videos about certain titles is much for likely to rack up those views than focusing on books the algorithm doesn’t favor. Of course it’s true for book blogs, too, that posting about a Marissa Meyer book will get you more traffic than posting about a backlist title from 2011 no one remembers, but bloggers aren’t working with an algorithm or really trying to “get popular” in the sense that social media influencers might be; there’s just more room in blogging to post about what one likes and what one is currently reading, whatever that is, instead of posting about the same books again and again.

5. Blogs Provide Space for In-depth Content

One could post a very long Booktube video or long Instagram caption (and I have seen some very long videos addressing complex topics with a lot of research and nuance), but overall I find blogs one of the best spaces for readers to fully flesh out their ideas and post their thoughts about a particular topic. I love in-depth reviews and discussion posts that get me thinking about something I haven’t thought before, and book blogs are the perfect place for these things.

6. There’s Still Room for the Visual

People point out the value of Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. for the visual potential, but blogs can be very visual, too! It’s straightforward enough to take the type of photo one might add to Instagram and add it to one’s blog post. And, honestly, I think that’s about as much “visual” content one needs to discuss a book. If I can see the cover, or any special additions like sprayed edges, that’s pretty much it. I don’t think watching a video about a book adds much value in the sense there’s . . . nothing much to look at besides the cover, unless it’s a graphic novel and there are inside illustrations to show, as well.

What do you love about book blogs?


27 thoughts on “6 Reasons I Love to Read Book Blogs

  1. Tales from Absurdia says:

    Great read!

    I just think that there’s something remarkable about people putting their passion down in writing.

    It involves a more thoughtful process of articulation than the spoken word I think.


  2. Eustacia | Eustea Reads says:

    I agree about book blogs getting to the point faster (or rather, I can get to the point faster), especially because I read fairly fast so I can get antsy with video reviews.

    Related to your point five, I like book blogs because it’s easier to have a conversation in the comments – the blogpost allows for more nuance and it’s easier to jump in a comment thread (for me, I don’t really see this on instagram, but possibly because I access instagram on my phone and blogs on my computer so I prefer typing my long(ish) comments on book blogs haha)

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  3. Kim @ Traveling in Books says:

    I watch BookTube videos and read blogs, and while I like both I prefer blogs for the same reasons you do. Blog posts are often more in-depth and nuanced, and the reviews are more likely to get into why the reader did or did not like a book. It’s taken me a long time to find a handful of BookTubers who actually analyze a book in their reviews and fully explain what they thought about it. You’re also more likely to have a better conversation in the comments. BookTube comments can get in-depth, but I’ve seen them devolve into pointless arguments.

    And sure, you’re not going to get hundreds of thousands of views or followers on a blog, but having a smaller audience means you can get to know your followers a lot better and have more (and more in-depth) conversations with people than you can have on YouTube.

    I also prefer to share my photography, which is an artform I’ve spent years studying, rather than my attempts at video.


  4. Siena says:

    This is a great post, and I agree with many of your points! I do watch some booktube, but I agree that blogs often get to the point faster, and I hate having to listen to summaries of books during the videos.

    I also like how there’s less focus on popular books or books that fit an aesthetic. This is something that I think is very present on Instagram, and I don’t like it. I like how any book, regardless of what it is, can make a great topic of discussion on blogs.


    • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

      Yes! I’ve never gotten a big following on Instagram, but even I can tell that if I post a picture of certain popular books, it gets far more likes and interaction than if I post a photo of just whatever I am reading. I do think that means accounts that are trying to grow or maintain their popularity will feel pressure to promote those more popular books.

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  5. Bertie | LuminosityLibrary says:

    I completely agree with you about all of these reasons! Sometimes I get worried because the book blogging community seems small in comparison to other more visual platforms, but I feel like we’re all super dedicated and close-knit, it feels so much like a proper community! It makes sense we’d love blog content, because, I mean, we’re readers, so reading is kinda our thing


  6. Linda I PagesandPapers says:

    From a blogger’s perspective, I prefer blogging over instagram because it allows me to write more lengthy reviews or discussion posts. I also love engaging in discussions, although I agree that comments seem to be decreasing recently. Great post!


  7. Mary Drover says:

    I really tried to get into watching Booktube videos for a while, and it just wasn’t working, and it’s 100% because it takes so long to get to the point! You can’t skip over the summaries of books easily or quickly see what the recommendations are to determine if it’s even worth watching, and they’re always so long. It’s so much more fun, and it feels like actually accomplishing something, to read several blog posts all in a row rather than watch one or two videos.


  8. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books says:

    I find social media stressful and even if I’m just flicking through posts about books it still falls into social media for me. Youtube/booktube I don’t care for pretty much for the reasons you stated (time consuming, unskippable elements, I read fast). So, book blogs will always win for me! I can read at my pace, I don’t feel the SM anxiety with it and I appreciate reading about a range of books rather than the current “it” book or author.


  9. Books Teacup and Reviews says:

    I agree with blogs are faster to read than video. I watch very few booktubes and I get bored if they are too long. And yes blog are easy to access and anyone can write blog with little or no investment. Great post!


  10. Gary S says:

    Just wanted to say I’ve been reading this blog for a long time and I love the content here. It’s inspirational for someone like me who also blogs about books. I’ve come to realize that this isn’t a particularly profitable niche, but that won’t ever stop me from blogging about books and reading the content that other readers create. This is for us. This is our corner of the internet to love our passion.


  11. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Oh yes- completely agree that blogs get to the point quicker than videos!! I definitely find I skip videos a lot of the time. And I also like that there’s less pressure. And yes, I do like that there’s room for great visuals as well 🙂 Brilliant post!


  12. Maria @ The Character Study says:

    Loved this post! I especially agree with the comments and in-depth discussion bits! My favourite aspect of blogging is definitely getting to engage with other readers and talk extensively about books as well as discuss our different opinions and experiences with reading. It’s the most rewarding for me!


  13. Karla says:

    THIS ARTICLE!! YES!! I needed the reminder because I have been trying to get on Booktok but I have noticed that the same books are constantly being discussed and there is not as much diversity and depth than I would like. I love reading reviews about books that are “underrated” and seeing fun tags, discussion posts and reading habits on blogs. There are so may new medias for the book community and book bloggers often get overlooked and it was nice reading about the reasons why book blogs are in fact special and amazing in their own way! 🥰💕


  14. dianthaa says:

    Great post! I admit the getting to the point issue is why I very rarely watch videos, or listen to podcasts. In a blog I can read what I’m interested, and skim to point if I need to (looking at you recipe blogs) but if a blog can take 1-5 mins to read a video is gonna take as long as it takes to watch.


  15. Katie says:

    You hit on so many of the reason why I recently began blogging. While likes are great they are so suerpficial as compared
    To actually having a convo with the book people! Great post!!


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