Little Kid, Big City!: London by Beth Beckman and Holley Maher


Goodreads: Little Kid, Big City!: London
Series: Little Kid, Big City!
Source: Quirk Books for Review
Published: June 15, 2020

Official Summary

Curious kids will find plenty of sights, smells, and tastes to explore in this illustrated, choose-your-own-adventure travel guide series. Next stop: London!

If a kid were given the opportunity to lead a tour through London, where would they go? Would they hop on the Tube to visit Buckingham Palace, watch a play at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, or pass the time with Big Ben? By following prompts at the end of each page in Little Kid, Big City, the options are endless!

In this series, an illustrated travel guide collides with an interactive format, allowing children to imagine, create, and explore their own routes through the greatest cities on the planet. With gorgeous illustrations, lovable characters, and dozens of different forks in the road, Little Kid, Big City is a new way for kids to take part in their travels and invent their own adventures.

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Little Kid, Big City!: London is exactly in the same vein as Little Kid, Big City!: New York, which I loved and reviewed previously. The book is set up as a kind of choose-your-own adventure. Each page describes a tourist attraction or thing to eat or do in the city, and then there’s a choice at the bottom asking what you want to try next.

The beauty is that book works both as a fun read – the interactive element makes you feel as if you’re travelling, even if you’re just sitting at home – but it’s also functional as an actual travel guide if you truly want to plan a trip. It has tongs of suggestions of popular things to do, and the back of the book has extra material and information to really round out your plans. And while, obviously, the book is about kid-friendly attractions, it has great suggestions for everyone.

I had fun with the New York book because I’ve been there several times, and even while I’ve done many of the things recommended, I haven’t done all of them. I’ve never been to London at all, however, so this was a really fun book to pretend I was on a trip because, you know, the pandemic; I haven’t been anywhere overly exciting in a while!

Both books are fun and informative, and the illustrations are really welcoming and light-hearted. I trust any new books in the series will be just the same.

Note: Some reviewers on Goodreads have pointed out some factual errors. Again, I haven’t been to London, so these aren’t necessarily things I would notice, but it’s worth looking into, particularly if you actually do start planning a trip based on the book. (I did notice myself that Stonehenge is not in London and probably should not be included in the book.)


3 thoughts on “Little Kid, Big City!: London by Beth Beckman and Holley Maher

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    I went to England for two weeks in 2007 to visit one of my best friends who was doing her student teaching there. I was staying in Bognor Regis but took several day trips to London. I vividly remember walking to Abbey Road from central London. Hahaha, it took a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and, it turns out, there’s a tube station a block away from the famous crosswalk. Still, I got to see a lot of the city and it made for a great memory!

    Anyway, after reading this I now need to read this book – which sounds AMAZING – and am probably going to go pull out my pictures to walk down Memory Lane.


    • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

      Ah, I really want to go to England sometime! One of my friends was going to get married there, and I was looking forward to a reason to travel, and now she’s moved back to the States. So now I need to find some other time to go!

      Oh, I would totally start walking everywhere, only to figure out all the convenient public transportation options later. :p I hope you took the tube back at least!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Michael J. Miller says:

        Haha, yes I did. While my friend laughed at our mistake, I maintained it was a great way to see some of the less tourist-heavy parts of London and we got to walk through all manner of neighborhoods (or neighbourhoods, as was the case) but we happily used the tube back and I did take it when I went back to Abbey Road XD.

        Also, I hope the card you got (or will get) for your friend’s wedding includes a lovely inscription inside from you that says, “Congratulations! I wish you all the best in your new life together. It is so beautiful your souls have found a home wrapped lovingly in each other’s hearts. May you always be tender, compassionate stewards of one another’s dreams. Also, I hope you enjoyed your UNBELIEVABLY SELFISH CHOICE to get married here IN THE COUNTRY WHERE I LIVE ALL THE TIME and not give me a reason to travel TO ENGLAND WHICH WOULD’VE BEEN GREAT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Life isn’t just about you, you know. I can’t believe I got dressed up for this. Your wedding gift is that I’m even here and not on a trip to England without you now. Enjoy this next chapter of your lives together! Ahhhhhh, I’m so happy for you! I love you both so much! All my love, Briana”


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