5 Classics on My TBR List

Classic Remarks


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What are some classics on your TBR list? Why?

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Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

I love Charles Dickens, but I have yet to read every book he has written. This is just one of a number of Dickens books on my TBR list.

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The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas

Dumas is well-known for writing The Three Musketeers, but that book is only the first in a series. I still need to read The Man in the Iron Mask, the last adventure of the Musketeers.

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The Judy Bolton Books by Margaret Sutton

I only managed to read the first three Judy Bolton books, before the public library said they could not find any more for me. But I am interested in reading about a teenage sleuth who ages over the course of the books, eventually marrying.

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Mr. Bliss by J. R. R. Tolkien

It’s inconceivable to me that I still have not read this children’s book by J. R. R. Tolkien!

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Penny Parker Books by Mildred A. Wirt

Wirt was the first ghostwriter for the Nancy Drew series, but she also wrote books under her own name, including the Penny Parker series. Penny, like Nancy, is a sleuth, but she works for her father’s paper and, apparently, Wirt favored Penny over Nancy (perhaps because she had more creative control over the books). I’ve loved Nancy for years, so of course I have to meet Penny!

11 thoughts on “5 Classics on My TBR List

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    Wait…’The Man in the Iron Mask’ is part of a series with ‘The Three Musketeers’?!? What? WHAT? I mean, I’m not an expert on Alexandre Dumas by any stretch of the imagination but this still feels like something I should have known.

    Mind blown.


    • Krysta says:

      Yes, I was amazed, too! In the U.S., the books are The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Louise de la Vallière, and The Man in the Iron Mask.

      But there are also versions where there are only three books: Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, Vicomte. Or five books, with another volume called Ten Years After occurring between Vicomte and Louise.

      Basically, my understanding is that Dumas published three volumes, but different editors sometimes break up the third volume into multiple volumes different ways. It’s…a little confusing.

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      • Michael J. Miller says:

        Haha, it is. But it is also interesting to me because, even after a lifetime of loving them, I still sometimes have a bit of a struggle when I’m sorting which comics or trade collections to read in which order for a particular character or story. So it’s kinda neat (in a way that, admittedly, can make life more confusing) to see that same issue in the world of classic literature.


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