10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in April 2021

Post Round-Up

Around the Blogosphere

  1. Amanda recommends diverse cozy mysteries.
  2. The Orangutan Librarian offers some tongue-in-cheek advice for running a book blog!
  3. Michael discusses The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the Weight of the Shield.
  4. Marie shares 10 YA books that will make you cry.
  5. Julia asks: Does Crooked Kingdom Deserve the Hype?
  6. Aayushi shares a look into the first year of blogging.
  7. Mere Inkling shares Christianity, Science, and C.S. Lewis.
  8. Jane lists books to read if you love North and South.
  9. Sammie highlights books for early reluctant readers featuring animals.
  10. Aria discusses how reading affects mental health.

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5 thoughts on “10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in April 2021

  1. Amanda @ Bookish Brews says:

    AAAAAH!!! Omg 🥺🥺🥺 You are literally so sweet thank you so much for tagging me. I’m so glad you liked that post 😭😭 I’m really proud of it! You’re so wonderful! I love browsing through top missed posts lists like this 😄


  2. Aria says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my post!! There are so many great blog posts listed here, and I’ll be sure to go through and read them 🙂


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