Mr. Knightley: My Favorite Jane Austen Hero

Perhaps it is no surprise that my favorite Austen hero comes from my favorite Austen book: Emma. My road to loving Emma was not a short one. When I initially read the book I, like presumably many others, found Emma to be a rather mean-spirited and manipulative individual. How was I supposed to sympathize with her or cheer her on to find true love? Over time, however, I began to see Emma more as a high-spirited young woman who did not know how to guard her tongue. Somehow it feels easier to forgive youthful enthusiasm. At any rate, Emma became my favorite Austen book. But I think Mr. Knightley may have always been my favorite Austen hero.

While I recognize that the large age difference between Mr. Knightley and Emma can be off-putting for modern readers, I still cannot help but appreciate their romance. Some of my favorite love stories are the ones where the characters move from being friends to lovers. And Emma gives me that. Mr. Knightley and Emma have a long history with each other, one that means Mr. Knightley is comfortable giving Emma (much-needed) advice. I love that Emma has someone in her life who cares about her enough to want her to do and be better!

Many of the people around Emma either accept her bad behavior or do nothing but feel sad or offended behind her back. As a real friend, Mr. Knightley calls her out when she is wrong and challenges her to do better. He does not accept her rudeness or call it witty. He does not talk about her behind her back. He is honest with her at all times about what she is doing, the effects it is having on others, and how she can fix it. This is a real kindness, even though it may seem harsh. Emma does not always know how her words and actions are being received by others, and she allows bad influences to let her get carried away sometimes with her little flirtations and “amusing” observations. She needs someone to let her know when what she is doing is harmful because, in the end, Emma does not actually want to cause people harm. A lot of her behavior is her trying to be entertaining because she wants to be liked.

The wonderful thing about Mr. Knightley, however, is that he already likes Emma. He likes her just the way she is, without her needing to put on her cheerful and witty social persona. He has known her for years, seen her at home, seen her interacting with her author, seen her in all her unguarded moments. Emma does not really try to impress Mr. Knightley because she initially just sees him as her father’s friend, not as a potential suitor and perhaps not really as her friend. And so Mr. Knightley knows Emma better than most. And he loves her, flaws and all.

I am sure Mr. Darcy will be many Austen fans’ first choice. And I like Mr. Darcy, too! But I really love how close Mr. Knightley and Emma are, and that they get to build a real relationship on years of friendship and knowing each other. There is something wonderfully sweet about the friends to lovers trope. And I fall for it every time.

11 thoughts on “Mr. Knightley: My Favorite Jane Austen Hero

  1. Mary Drover says:

    Emma is truly so underrated, and it always makes me sad that it never comes up in Austen discussion. It’s also Mr. Darcy this and Elizabeth Bennett that, but Emma & Mr. Knightley are honest to goodness goals. The book, on its own, is definitely my favorite Austen, and you’re dead on for why Knightley is the best love interest. He’s just so wonderful, and the way he sighs at Emma gets me every time. And the recent adaptation just made me fall in love with both of them all over again!


    • Krysta says:

      Yes, I think P&P gets more attention because it has more adaptations? Maybe? I haven’t verified this, but it seems to me that book popularity often goes hand-in-hand with how much the book has been adapted for other media. I love P&P, of course, but I think Emma is wonderful–and I certainly need to look into the most recent film adaptation!

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  2. msbookworld says:

    I’ve only read Emma this year after watching the movie and I really enjoyed it. My favorite Austen book is persuasion but I enjoyed seeing Emma grow as a person and I thought her relationship with Mr Knightley was very well written


  3. Gemma says:

    Emma’s probably my favorite Austen just for Emma alone but I have to admit the most recent film adaptation helped me rethink Knightley and their relationship in a much more romantic way than I saw it in the book!


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