Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston

Amari and the Night Brothers


Goodreads: Amari and the Night Brothers
Series: Supernatural Investigations #1
Source: Library
Published: 2021


After her brother Quinton goes missing, Amari receives an invitation from him to join the mysterious Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. She thinks she can discover Quinton’s whereabouts if she accepts, but first she will have to pass three trials–and prove to the supernatural world that she is no threat, despite possessing illegal magic. Things become even more complicated when Amari learns that an evil magician has risen again, and he has plans to infiltrate the Bureau.

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Amari and the Night Brothers is a gripping fantasy adventure sure to enchant fans from the very first pages. Amari’s brother has gone missing and, though everyone is convinced he is gone for good, Amari is determined to find him. Then she receives a mysterious suitcase inviting her to interview for a supernatural society–the same one her brother secretly worked for. Amari seizes her chance to find her brother, but, if she wants to stay at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs she will first have to pass three trials–not easy when she unwittingly possesses illegal magic. Readers who adore high fantasy involving magical schools, supernatural creatures, and plenty of mystery will love Amari and the Night Brothers.

Although I am always wary of book comparisons, suggesting that Amari is something like “Harry Potter meets Nevermoor” does not seem like too much of a stretch. Amari is immediately whisked away to a magical school where she undergoes a test to be sorted by ability. Unfortunately, her ability is illegal because the only known individuals who possess it are evil. This means that she has to prove herself by training at the school and passing a series of trials, before the others will accept her and allow her to stay. Amari’s sense of isolation, her desire to win acceptance, and her determination in the face of confusion (she’s never seen a magical anything before!) all create the emotional pull that will keep readers invested in Amari as they cheer her on.

And what a wonderful world Amari discovers! Lovers of fantasy stories will be enchanted by all the details, from Amari’s mysterious roommate to the somewhat humorous revelations about the truth of yetis and what really happened at the first moon landing. Discovering this world along with Amari is a wonderful treat, and readers will certainly be eager to get their hands on book two, so they can continue to immerse themselves in the magic.

Anyone looking for the next thrilling magical adventure will want to pick up Amari and the Night Brothers!

4 stars

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