Shuri: Wakanda Forever by Nnedi Okorafor, et al

Shuri: Wakanda Forever


Goodreads: Wakanda Forever
Series: Shuri
Source: Library
Published: December 2020

Official Summary

The Black Panther’s techno-genius sister stars in her own incredible adventures! T’Challa has disappeared, and Wakanda expects Shuri to lead their great nation in his absence! But she’s happiest in a lab surrounded by her inventions. She’d rather be testing gauntlets than throwing them down! So it’s time for Shuri to rescue her brother yet again – with a little help from Storm, Rocket Raccoon and Groot! But what happens when her outer-space adventure puts Africa at risk from an energy-sapping alien threat? Then, Shuri heads to America to investigate a lead, with Ms. Marvel and Miles “Spider-Man” Morales along for the ride! But with her people in peril, will Shuri embrace her reluctant destiny and become the Black Panther once more? Prepare for a hero like you’ve never seen before! COLLECTING: SHURI (2018) 1-10

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Shuri: Wakanda Forever focuses on Shuri as she attempts to find her place in the world. When her brother goes missing in space, everyone expects her to step in as the Black Panther once more. But…what if Shuri does not want to? She is comfortable working in her lab and she has been gaining mastery over her powers as the Ancient Future. Wakanda is grappling with new ideas about how to move forward as a nation, and Shuri wants to help. She just wants to do it on her own terms. Shuri: Wakanda Forever is a moving look at one young woman’s journey to balance her people’s expectations with her own.

In many ways, Shuri’s emotional journey stands at the heart of this volume, connecting what otherwise can seem like a disparate chain of stories, some of them more about fan service than service to the narrative. For instance, while seeing Shuri in space with Rocket and Groot is fun, it also seems random. And her team-up with Iron Man, while given a logical reason, also seems like it is more about the opportunity for well, yes, another superhero team-up. By the team she’s teaming up with Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel in the U.S., the plot has gone everywhere, with none of it really tying back to her ostensible quest to discover the whereabouts of her missing brother. The strongest parts are when Shuri is in Wakanda, talking to her people, conferring with the powerful women who are leading the country in T’Challa’s absence, and wondering what her role in the universe is.

Complicating matters is that Shuri has been losing some of her powers as the Ancient Future. Of course, Shuri’s mind and her amazing technology can help her solve just about any problem–she does not really need super powers. But it is concerning to see her losing connections with her ancestors, a sort of tangible representation that Shuri is feeling a little lost at the moment as she tries to navigate the competing interests of her country. Fortunately, Shuri is strong, smart, and capable–readers know that she will always manage to save the day.

Shuri: Wakanda Forever is both a thrilling superhero comic and an emotional look at Shuri’s journey of self-discovery. Fans of Shuri and of Marvel will not want to miss this latest installment in her story.

4 stars

6 thoughts on “Shuri: Wakanda Forever by Nnedi Okorafor, et al

    • Krysta says:

      I guess I wouldn’t say that nothing happened in the book. It’s more that a lot of the superhero team-ups just seem like random fan service, but that’s also pretty normal for comics.


  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    I was so sad when Nnedi Okorafor announced the series was ending! From go, she told Marvel she could only commit to the ten-issue run as she had a TV series she had to work on. While it fits better within Ta-Naheisi Coates’ ‘Black Panther’ narrative as a shorter story (showing what happened in Wakanda before the “Intergalactic Nation of Wakanda” story hits), I thought it had sooooo much potential. I wish Okorafor had the chance to write at least a second volume worth of stories with Shuri before her time with the title came to an end.


      • Michael J. Miller says:

        Oh sorry – my comment was misleading. The Intergalactic Nation of Wakanda storyline is in ‘Black Panther.’ It’ll be Ta-Nehisi Coates’ final storyline on the title after he took it over in 2016. The basic setup for the story is T’Challa sent an crew of Wakandans to explore a wormhole…and they never returned. When he goes missing in his search, Shuri has to takeover and that provided the setup for Okorafor’s ‘Shuri’ title. While T’Challa is off in space searching for those lost, Shuri is left to lead and care for Wakanda. I do hope Okorafor comes back to write for Marvel again though! That title would end up on my pull list before I even read the first issue :).


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