What YA Contemporary Should You Read Next? (Flow Chart)

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OCD, the Dude, and Me by Lauren Roedy Vaughn

Protagonist Danielle is forced to enroll in a “social skills” course, where she meets another student obsessed with The Big Lebowski, and they begin to become friends. The novel is a compilation of Danielle’s writing—school essays (in a conversational style that drives her English teacher insane), emails, personal reflections, post cards, and more—and the look inside her mind is staggering. 

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American Panda by Gloria Chao

At seventeen, Mei is already a freshman at MIT and planning to study pre-med.  At least, that’s what her parents want.  They have her life all planned out, down to her career and whom she will marry. But, as Mei struggles with her fear of germs and begins to fall in love with an off-limits guy, she starts to wonder if she could have a different life.  If she has the courage to rebel, like the son her parents disowned.

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Save the Date by Morgan Matson

When Charlie Grant’s older sister decides to get married at home, Charlie is excited all her older siblings (or she hopes all) will return, and things will be like they used to be. However, family drama and life changes means things can’t quite me like they were when all the Grant siblings were kids, and Charlie has to help make sure various mishaps don’t ruin her sister’s wedding completely/

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Call It What You Want by Brigid Kemmerer

Rob was at the top of the social hierarchy, until his father was convicted of embezzling funds, and attempted suicide. Now everyone believes Rob knew, and no one will talk to him. Maegan was an overachiever with a stellar record–until she was caught cheating. Now her reputation follows her everywhere. When the two are assigned to be calculus partners, neither expects the project to go well. But soon they are opening up to each other, and maybe even falling for each other. Then Maegan learns of Rob’s plans to help the people his father hurt. And she can’t help but think that being a modern-day Robin Hood can hardly end well.

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Let’s Talk about Love by Claire Kann

Official Summary:

Alice had her whole summer planned. Non-stop all-you-can-eat buffets while marathoning her favorite TV shows (best friends totally included) with the smallest dash of adulting–working at the library to pay her share of the rent. The only thing missing from her perfect plan? Her girlfriend (who ended things when Alice confessed she’s asexual). Alice is done with dating–no thank you, do not pass go, stick a fork in her, done.

But then Alice meets Takumi and she can’t stop thinking about him or the rom com-grade romance feels she did not ask for (uncertainty, butterflies, and swoons, oh my!).

When her blissful summer takes an unexpected turn, and Takumi becomes her knight with a shiny library employee badge (close enough), Alice has to decide if she’s willing to risk their friendship for a love that might not be reciprocated—or understood.

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When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Dimple has put school behind her after graduation, but she is excited about attending a summer program for web developers.  Little does she know that her parents are still planning to find her the perfect Indian husband: Rishi Patel is attending the same camp.  A cute contemporary romance.

24 thoughts on “What YA Contemporary Should You Read Next? (Flow Chart)

  1. Kitten says:

    Oh wow! This is an unique way to recommend books 🤩 I’ve read Let’s Talk About Love and it’s fabulous 😍😍😍.I have been meaning to read both Dimples Met Rishi and American Panda🤔. But other then these rest of the books are quite new to me so I’ll be adding all of them to my read list! 💖💕


  2. dinipandareads says:

    Ooh, this was fun! I got Call It What You Want and it’s actually a book that’s high up on my TBR and one that I’ve listed to pick up for a reading challenge this year! 😍


  3. Shan says:

    I absolutely love this flowchart idea! Does it take a lot of time for you to make them? And how do you come up with a list of books to recommend? Do you decide on the books first and them sort of build the flowchart around that? ( Also, you have great taste in books!! )


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