2020: Blogging Year in Review

Favorite Books Read in 2020

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Blogging Stats and Facts

Top 4 Countries for Visitors

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • India

*(No change from 2018 and 2019)

Top Referrers

  • Search Engines
  • Pinterest (This is the first year this is our #2 referrer, surpassing WordPress views! We had over 20,000 views from Pinterest.)
  • WordPress Reader
  • Twitter (not remotely close to views from other sources)

Blog Views

~137,000 views, our best year ever!

We had ~106,000 views in 2018 and dipped down to ~89,000 in 2019. The increase in views this past year is attributable to, I think, more views from Pinterest and more views in general from people being home and online during the pandemic.

Here is the graph of our views from our decade of blogging: (We definitely didn’t always have this many views.)

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Reading Stats and Facts

  • Oldest Book Briana Read This YearThe Romance of Tristan
  • Longest Book Briana Read: From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armetrout
  • Briana’s Pages Read: ~25,000
  • Most Read Books: young adult, middle grade, classics
  • Percentage of Briana’s Books from Library: 37% (This always seems low because I really don’t buy that many books, but I guess I just read a lot of books I already own or that people give to me…)
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Our Most Viewed Posts

The first three posts were in our top 5 for 2019, but the last two are new this year. All of our top posts get their views either from search engine hits or Pinterest clicks. You can read more about how I use Pinterest for book blogging here.

The most viewed post we published in 2020:
Why Did Snow White Eat the Poisoned Apple?

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Coming in 2021: Our Annual Tolkien Reading Event

We’ll be hosting our annual Tolkien Reading Event in March 2021. If you would like to contribute a guest post about Tolkien, his work, or something related (for instance, the Inklings), the sign-up form will be up on our blog in January.

Other Upcoming Posts

  • Book Blogging Predictions for 2021
  • 5 Retellings of Little Women
  • Nonfiction reviews
  • The Lives of Saints review
  • and more!

10 thoughts on “2020: Blogging Year in Review

  1. salonimore1702 says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful and successful year of blogging! I hope you both have a happy New Year! 🙂


  2. Jenna @ Falling Letters says:

    Happy New Year! 🎉 I had a bump in views from search engines as well. But I also felt I received more comments and community engagement in general, so that was something nice despite everything going on in 2020.


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