Books If You Like Nancy Drew

Books if You Like Nancy Drew

Looking for books to recapture the magic of Nancy Drew? We have some suggestions, both old and new, to satisfy your inner sleuth!

The Dana Girls Mysteries by Carolyn Keene

By the Light of the Study Lamp

Jean and Louise Dana are sisters who solve mysteries at their boarding school. The series began in 1934 in an attempt to replicate the success of Nancy Drew, though the series has not endured the same way. But fans looking for more period mysteries will want to check out this series, whose ghostwriters include names who also worked on Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. The first book is By the Light of the Study Lamp. Can’t find a copy? Try interlibrary loan!

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Judy Bolton Mysteries by Margaret Sutton

The Vanishing Shadow

The Judy Bolton books were very popular in their own day; the back of The Vanishing Shadow (book one) states that over 5 million books were sold between 1932 and 1967 and that “the series holds the distinction of being the longest lasting juvenile series written by a single author.” It has the added interest of featuring a protagonist who ages over the 38-book series, unlike Nancy Drew.

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The Muskrat Mysteries by Michael Hutchinson

The Case of Windy Lake

Sam, Otter, Atim, and Chikadee are known as the Mighty Muskrats, solvers of mysteries. In book one, a visiting archaeologist goes missing on the Windy Lake First Nation, and Muskrats are ready to crack the case. However, they also have to deal with local politics when their cousin Denice takes her protests against a mining company to extremes. A new diverse serial mystery series.

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Surfside Girls Series by Kim Dwinell

The Secret of Danger Point

The Secret of Danger Point begins the adventures of Sam and Jade, two friends who solve supernatural mysteries at their home on the beach. The series is a perfect summer read. Set on the beach, it has surfing, cute boys, and a beautiful natural setting–as well as mystery and adventure. Fans of serial mystery stories like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys will enjoy this series, as well graphic novel fans looking for their next engrossing read.

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