Maker Comics: Grow a Garden! by Alexis Frederick-Frost

Maker Comics: Grow a Garden


Goodreads: Maker Comics: Grow a Garden!
Series: Maker Comics
Source: Library
Published: 2020


Learn how to grow a garden through a comicbook story! Projects include making a compost bin, creating seed pots, making your own potting mix, building a growlight shelf and a cold frame, and starting a container garden.

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The Maker Comics series seeks to provide information about various topics such as baking, drawing a comic, or fixing a car through fun stories and cartoony illustrations. In Grow a Comic! readers meet a group of garden gnomes who are attending classes on gardening. While at school, they find secret tunnels, uncover a villainous plot, and fight some terrifying plants. At the same time, however, they learn how to create compost, how to make seed pots from newspaper, how to make their own growlight shelf and cold frame, how to set up a container garden–and more. The book has a surprising amount of useful information for its size.

I have attempted to grow various plants over the years with varying degrees of success. I have looked up information online, consulted my seed packets, and frantically tried to search for the reasons why my plants suddenly seemed to be drooping. Too much water? Not enough? Too much sunlight? Not enough? More fertilizer needed? Often the information feels contradictory or just not useful. But, somehow, reading Grow a Comic! made me feel more informed and empowered than all my lengthy internet searches. I feel like I could actually grow a garden.

I think the feeling of empowerment comes from the fact that the book will often explain the reasoning behind its methods. So it does not simply provide directions, but gives readers enough knowledge that they can feel like the understand what is happening and why. And it does this all very concisely. For instance, I’ve read a bit on composting, but Grow a Comic! manages to hit all the key points in a short page span while making it feel easy and accessible. Seriously, I wish I had just read this book instead.

Along with all the information is also a fun story about a group of garden gnomes who keep discovering secrets about their school. Why are there hidden passages? Are there really superhero gnomes? Is something evil afoot at the school? The story isn’t really the main point of the book, but it’s entertaining and will keep readers engaged.

Grow a Comic! is an incredibly informative and entertaining read. It makes me want to start a garden right now! I also want to check out the rest of the series. Who knows what else I could learn!

5 stars

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