Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Small Spaces


Goodreads: Small Spaces
Series: Small Spaces #1
Source: Library
Published: 2018


When Ollie finds a woman trying to throw a book into the local swimming hole, she can’t help herself–she grabs the book and runs. It tells the story of a farm where, long ago, a woman’s husband disappeared, taken by the smiling man. Then Ollie finds herself on the same farm for a school field trip–and something is not right. The bus driver gives an eerie warning, leading Ollie to flee the bus. Can she survive through the night? Or will the smiling man come for her, too?

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Small Spaces is a deliciously creepy middle grade tale about a man who grants one’s heart’s desire, but always for a price. When Ollie’s sixth grade class goes on a field trip to the smiling man’s roaming grounds, she fears that her classmates and herself may be trapped in a bargain gone wrong. Desperate, she sets off through the woods, hoping she can find a way to stay alive until morning. Thus begins a thrilling story full of mystery, danger, and suspense.

Small Spaces hits all the right notes for a middle grade horror story, introducing readers to a terrifying villain and his unnatural servants, but never becoming so scary it is overwhelming. The villain, you see, has his limitations and, if Ollie and her friends can figure them out, they will have a sporting chance at winning his game. This lends a bit of hope to the story, even when the darkness threatens to become too much.

What makes the story really enchanting, however, is the feeling that it is rooted in a bit of folklore. The demonic figure who offers bargains too good to be true is a recurring type, and Katherine Arden uses it here to great effect. The audience knows that the smiling man can never be trusted–but will Ollie and her friends be able to resist? How does one outwit a master bargainer, without getting the short end of the deal?

Readers looking for a creepy middle grade read in the vein of Victoria Scwab’s City of Ghosts will delight in finding a new series full of supernatural thrills. Small Spaces is only the first book of what is projected to be a four-book series, so there are plenty chilling adventures to come!

3 Stars

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