A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe (ARC Review)

A Golden Fury


Goodreads: A Golden Fury
Series: None
Source: ARC from publisher giveaway
Published: October 13, 2020


Daughter of a famous alchemist, Thea Hope longs to create the legendary Philosopher’s Stone with her mother. But when her mother destroys the Stone in a fit of madness, Thea finds herself shipped off to England to live with the father she has never met. She believes making the Stone could cure her mother–but others want the Stone and its power, as well.

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A Golden Fury is a gripping read about a teenage girl who seeks to create the Philosopher’s Stone even as France heads towards revolution. However, the Stone causes madness, so, when Thea’s mother loses her mind, Thea must decide if she is willing to risk her own in a bid to save her mother. The stakes are high in this thrilling drama and readers will find A Golden Fury difficult to put down.

A story starring lady alchemists in revolutionary France is exciting enough as a premise. However, Samantha Cohoe keeps the thrills coming. Young Thea Hope encounters danger around every corner as she seeks to unlock the secrets of every alchemist’s greatest ambition: the chance at unlimited gold and healing. The chance to change the world. It’s even harder for Thea, however, because alchemy may be a cut-throat profession where everyone wants to steal everyone else’s work–but it’s worse when you are a woman in a male-dominated society. The men who should be protecting Thea are often too eager to use her skills to promote their own agendas, and Thea must learn quickly how to navigate the world if she is to keep the credit for the century’s greatest discovery for herself.

Thea proves a winning protagonist, strong, capable, and confident, even when the world is telling her she has no right to be any of those things. She is admittedly also stubborn and perhaps a bit too quick to speak and lose her temper, but she will charm readers, anyway. No one is perfect and certainly Thea does not have to be. She admits to her flaws and she tries to change when she can, and that is all anyone can really ask–that a person keep on working to be their best selves. Thea certainly tries.

Readers who love historical fiction, historical fantasy, and anything to do with alchemy will fall in love with A Golden Fury. It leads with a strong protagonist, provides near constant action and suspense, and even throws in a bit of romance and a bit of mystery. It’s the type of book perfectly calculated to keep readers glued to their seats.

5 stars

12 thoughts on “A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe (ARC Review)

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Well, you sold me completely on this. You’re such a great writer, Krysta! Your persuasive writing, in general, has improved so much over the years — Great review. What is the audience intended for this book? Young adult?

    I don’t often see “ARC Review” on your posts. Do you seek out ARCs often or is this an exception to the rule?


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