The Secret of Danger Point by Kim Dwinell

The Secret of Danger Point by Kim Dwinell Book Cover


Goodreads: The Secret of Danger Point
Series: Surfside Girls #1
Source: Library
Published: 2017


Sam and Jade’s friendship has felt a little off lately. Jade keeps giggling over boys, which annoys Sam. And now Sam can see ghosts–and Jade thinks she might be losing it. The ghosts want Sam to help save their home. But what can one girl do?

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The Secret of Danger Point begins the adventures of Sam and Jade, two friends who solve supernatural mysteries at their home on the beach. The book feels like an instant classic, reminiscent of serial mysteries like the Nancy Drew stories, but updated for a modern audience. The cheerful illustrations will appeal to tween readers of graphic novels, as will all the adventure–and romance! Anyone who has ever dreamed of solving mysteries like the Boxcar Children or the Hardy Boys will love the Surfside Girls books.

Admittedly, The Secret of Danger Point feels very much like the first book in the series. Readers have to spend time getting to know Sam and Jade, their likes and dislikes, and the ups and downs of their friendship. Sam likes to surf and swim, while Jade prefers to kayak and visit the library. Sam is not very interested in boys right now, but Jade is beginning to act silly whenever they see someone of the opposite sex. Sam has been chosen to be the guardian of Danger Point, but Jade can’t see the ghosts–and she is not convinced Sam is seeing them, either. All this exposition takes some time that takes away from the mystery. However, I think it is worth it to get to know Sam and Jade and their home.

The book is very charming, and I think the illustration-style will appeal to the intended tween audience. The artwork is done in bright, beachy colors that make Danger Point and its inhabitants come alive; readers may close the book wondering when they can schedule their own visit to the seaside. It is also not remotely scary. The ghosts are depicted as friendly people who just want to keep their home, and who become friends with Sam. I loved the concept of Sam and Jade helping spirits, but in a fun way!

Readers looking for a delightful summer read, a new mystery series, or the perfect graphic novel series to keep themselves (or their tween readers) engrossed will love the Surfside Girls. So far, there are two books in the series. But I hope there are many more!

4 stars

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