Nevermoor: A Contemporary Book I Think Should Become a Classic (Classic Remarks)

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What is a contemporary book you think might become a classic?  Or should become a classic?

Nevermoor:  A Book That Should Become a Classic

Jessica Townsend’s Nevermoor series has enchanted and delighted me right from the start, and I can easily see these books becoming another children’s fantasy classic, along with the likes of the Harry Potter books. Book one introduces readers to Morrigan Crow, a young girl who has been told all her life that she is cursed and must die on her eleventh birthday. Instead, however, a bold and brilliant man named Jupiter North arrives, chased by hell-hounds, to whisk her away to the magical world of Nevermoor. The catch is, Morrigan is not meant to be there at all. To stay, she will have to earn a place in the prestigious Wundrous Society, comprised of members who each possess a remarkable talent. But Morrigan does not believe she has any talent at all.

The world of Nevermoor is gloriously complicated and quirky, and readers who love detailed world-building that makes them feel that they have truly crossed over into another place will adore Townsend’s work. If Hogwarts and its magic ever attracted readers, the wonders of Nevemoor surely will, as well. There are dragons and witches and talking cats. There are secret societies and schools for the talented and trials to be passed. If you looking for something whimsical and magical, you will find it here.

And the cast of characters! Morrigan is a wonderfully sympathetic lead. Born knowing that she was meant to die, and that townsfolk blamed her for all their misfortunes, Morrigan has known very little love. And, as a result, she is often unsure of herself. But she is kind and bold and clever, and it is impossible not to cheer her on. She is surrounded in turn by a group of equally interesting and lovable characters, from the quirky Jupiter North to the stern talking cat Fenestra. Morrigan finds a new family to love in her Nevermoor, and that means everything.

The plot, too, is fascinating and I think readers will be engrossed, not only by the world of Nevermoor, but also by its events. Something is going on that is not quite right, something beyond the trials for new recruits to join the Wundrous Society. These things, of course, just happen to center around Morrigan. Townsend keeps readers intrigued and guessing–she knows how to keep them on the edges of their seats.

Truly, the Nevermoor books are delightful in every way. There are few books that can bear a comparison to Harry Potter. Jessica Townsend’s books do.

21 thoughts on “Nevermoor: A Contemporary Book I Think Should Become a Classic (Classic Remarks)

  1. Never Not Reading says:

    I REALLY need to a) Read this series b) get it for my library. I have heard nothing but wonderful, gushing things about it from literally everyone, and it looks/sounds like so much fun.


    • Krysta says:

      I think it was originally supposed to be three books, but I’ve read now it will be six! So I am super excited this is not the end! And now you’ll have time to catch up! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Zezee says:

    I agree. It’s just as delightful as the Harry Potter books and have captured the interest of many readers already. I also love the story and am looking forward to reading the new book.


    • Krysta says:

      I think for me, a lot of it is the whimsical worldbuilding. Nevemoor feels like a real place I could go to, and create my own stories. It’s a place I wish I COULD go to! And, for me, at least, Hogwarts was like that, too. I wanted to go and collect chocolate frog cards and be Sorted into a House and have cool adventures!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. mphtheatregirl says:

    I hope to read the Nevermoor series. I was always a Harry Potter Series- the other day when I went shopping for books, I looked on the back of the first book, and it said HP fans will love it.

    Didn’t get any of the books then- will ask for Christmas


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