10 Reasons to Read the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

I absolutely love the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comics. But it can be difficult to get people to share my passion. They hear the name “Squirrel Girl” and just start to laugh! One of the great things about the comic is that it is usually very witty, and a lot of fun. It’s not a “serious” comic on the surface, though Squirrel Girl’s personal philosophy about finding the good in others does give readers a lot to ponder. So, in the spirit of sharing many of the aspects that make the series so enjoyable to read, here are 10 (mostly not very serious) reasons you should check out the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl! (Shout out to Michael @ My Comic Relief for first prompting me to try the series!)

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Doreen Green is an upbeat protagonist who features the unusual powers of both girl and squirrel! She can talk to squirrels, and they often come to her aid in amusing scenarios.

Doreen is a computer science major, so readers get to learn cool computer science facts while reading the book

Doreen’s college roommate Nancy writes “Cat Thor” fan fiction, and it’s hilarious. Loki thinks so, too.

Squirrel Girl is truly unbeatable. She has faced villains as terrible as Doctor Doom and Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds–and won!

Squirrel Girl begins most of her fights by referring to her pack of villain cards, written by Deadpool. It’s unclear how accurate these cards are.

There’s a character called Chipmunk Hunk. Need I say more?

Doreen has a realistic body type and her costume is cool as well as tasteful. (I love that she always puts on the squirrel ear headband, even on top of her astronaut helmet.)

Doreen has a weird habit of updating her social media accounts in the middle of fights. She thinks she’s friends with Tony Stark. He doesn’t seem to think the same.

Squirrel Girl comics contain secret hidden messages on the bottom of each page! They’re usually funny, often meta, and sometimes about computer science. What a fun concept!

Squirrel Girl resorts to fighting as a last resort. Her high success rate comes from trying to figure out why a villain is lashing out, and trying to solve the root problem. She believes there is good in everyone, and she will go to nearly any length to draw that good out. She’s truly inspirational!

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