10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in July 2020

Post Round-Up

Around the Blogosphere

  1. Abby @ A Novel Destination explains why she loves the BookTok community.
  2. Sammie recommends 10 dark fantasies for dark times.
  3. Holly asks whether our bookshelves are a reflection of us.
  4. Margaret recommends books involving Greek mythology.
  5. Jessticulates asks whether you would want a zero TBR.
  6. Michael discusses Rose and the Doctor bonding at the end of the world, reflecting on the first episode of the Doctor Who reboot.
  7. Aria discusses how her reading habits have changed over time.
  8. Karie explains why Eowyn is her favorite Lord of the Rings character.
  9. Samantha talks about struggling with prioritizing nonfiction.
  10. Alison talks about bookish-inspired ACNH patterns. (I don’t even play this game, but this was interesting.)

Also, the Voting Round is open for The Fourth Annual Book Blogging Awards, and we’re in the Literary Fiction/Classics/Poetry section!

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15 thoughts on “10 Interesting Posts You May Have Missed in July 2020

  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    With my blog, I am trying to gain more followers, but my goal is 1000 by the end of the year. Think it will take more than just interacting with other bloggers. My follower count does grow slowly


  2. Michael J. Miller says:

    Thank you for the inclusion! And I love when I see these posts in a quiet moment. I mean, I always leave them open to peruse your selections. But it’s fun when, on nights like this, I find it and can sit down and wade through the reading you’ve put together for me :). Really, I so appreciate not just your sharing my piece but the work you put into these posts. I always look forward to them!


  3. Samantha D. says:

    Thanks for including my post! I love so many of these bloggers that you mentioned today. You always hit the nail on the head with these carefully curated lists πŸ™‚


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