The Runaway Princess by Johan Troïanowski

The Runaway Princess Comic


Goodreads: The Runaway Princess
Source: Library
Published: January 21, 2020


Princess Robin can never seem to stay at home. Sometimes she is off on an adventure, and sometimes adventure just happens to find her. Journey with Robin through her kingdom and beyond as she meets mermaids, battles pirates, and crosses wits with witches.

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Johan Troïanowski’s The Runaway Princess is a delightful and whimsical adventure. It is not, as the title might suggest, the story of a royal tomboy who leaves home to find independence and meaning in life in things other than gowns. No, it is not that type of story. Rather, it is a story based in the wonder young Princess Robin finds in the world all around her. From exploring distant lands to discovering magic in the world below, Robin takes readers along with her on a journey full of the unexpected–and many unexpected friends.

I love whimsical fantasies, so The Runaway Princess enchanted me directly with its adventurous protagonist, its marvelous landscapes, and its somewhat quirky art style. Robin and her friends carry the story completely, responding to the world around them with openness and warmth. Readers never know quite is going to happen, but they do know that Robin’s heart will always see the heroes through. That type of feel-good story is necessary, sometimes.

Because the story works so well, I do think that the occasional authorial interventions, in which readers are asked to participate in the story and so help Robin and her friends find their way home, are not at all needed. They occur sporadically, but mostly end up feeling random. The sense of immersion is complete without them and so they strike one at times as unnecessarily gimmicky. Perhaps others will like these moments, but I found them a distraction.

On the whole, however, The Runaway Princess is a delightful fantasy adventure perfect for those searching for a quick and happy read. The danger is never too dangerous, the drama never overwhelming. These are the types of adventures that happen and then end just in time for tea. And that is just what I found I wanted.

4 stars

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