10 of Our Most Commented on Posts

These are the posts that, over the life of our blog, have sparked the most discussion and led people to leave the most comments.


Are YA Books Maturing Too Fast?

This is the #1 post with the most comments on our blog, which makes me happy in large part because it’s a post actually about books. (Many of the posts that generated the most discussion are about blogging.) In it, Krysta discusses how the YA market has changed and whether books for younger teens are being edged out.

You can read Krysta’s suggestions for books for younger teens here.


A Complete Guide to Starting a Book Blog

It’s interesting this generated a lot of discussion because most of the comments are, of course, from people who are already book bloggers. However, it was great to see other people’s advice and what they wished they would have known or done differently when the first started blogging.

Why I Won’t Buy Books on Amazon

This post generated discussion for two main reasons: 1) many people don’t know about Amazon’s predatory pricing practices and their unchecked influence on publishers/authors/the book market in general and 2) many people wanted to explain why they do shop primarily on Amazon, even if they don’t agree with their business practices.

You can read more about Amazon on these posts:

Why the Future of Book Blogging May be Co-Blogging

In terms of predictions, this wasn’t my most accurate; the majority of bloggers are still going solo. However, I think this post sparked discussion because it explains just how much book bloggers do (generally unpaid!) and how much of that work can be unexpected when you’re starting out and how much of it is overlooked by non-bloggers. Who knew you had to try your hand at photography, social media marketing, and SEO to blog?!

Why Aren’t We Talking about Religious Diversity?

One of our more “controversial” posts, but it did generate a lot of discussion! Many people pointed out that Christian fiction is its own genre, but this post is more about the lack of representation of religious characters in mainstream media (particularly ones who actually practice their religion or have sincere faith) and, of course, is about characters of every religion, not just Christian ones.

Social Media and Blogging: The Pressure to Keep Up Is Damaging

Krysta reflects on the pressure that social media can put on us, both in our personal lives and in blogging, and how it can take away the joy even of reading if we feel that what we’re reading and writing about isn’t getting us the numbers we want. (Maybe this explains why she doesn’t run any of the social media accounts for our blog!)


Do You Use Library Books for Bookstagram?

An interesting discussion because people have strong feelings about Bookstagram and the fact it can seem to commercialize reading or imply that you need to own tons of books and buy tons of custom props in order to get attractive pictures and find followers. I talked about why I do use library books, and some people commenters explained why they also do or why they felt uncomfortable doing it or thought it wouldn’t be well-received.

The Unwritten Rules of the Blogosphere

Krysta explains:

Simply by blogging for awhile and  by reading discussion posts about what bloggers like to see in other blogs, why they blog, why they follow other bloggers, etc., I have gleaned some of the unwritten rules, which I understand as follows….

10 Bookish Pet Peeves

Pretty self-explanatory. Krysta discusses some of her biggest bookish pet peeves, and commenters weigh in with whether they agree or disagree and with some pet peeves of their own.

Blogging “Rules” I Ignore with Relative Impunity

Krysta discusses several blogging rules/recommendations (generally things people suggest you need to do to get traffic or find followers) that she doesn’t follow–with apparently no loss.


5 thoughts on “10 of Our Most Commented on Posts

  1. Miri ♪ Book Dragoness ♪ says:

    ooh I had a lot of fun checking out your other posts!! I really enjoyed your blogging/book discussion posts! ❤


  2. Gerry@TheBookNookUK says:

    It’s really interesting to see what posts have received the most engagement as it may give a picture of the blogging stratosphere and what people are tuned into – at least at the time of you publishing those posts!

    I’m going to check out the posts of yours that I haven’t read now!


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