How to Get More Traffic for Your Book Blog in 2020

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

I’ve written a couple posts on getting blog traffic, specifically for book blogs which can sometimes feel a bit different from more popular niche blogs like fashion, lifestyle, travel, and finance. For example, in 2019 I shared 5 tips to drive traffic to your book blog. This year, however, I’m presenting what I feel are some of the most fundamental ways to get more page views for your blog, if that happens to be one of your goals for 2020.

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Comment on Other Book Blogs

This is the number one way I see other book bloggers, including rather large ones, say they increased their blog traffic. Admittedly, if you follow some of the big bloggers’ “methods,” it will be time-consuming. Some of them comment back on the blog of literally every single person who comments on their blog. This is admirable if you can swing it, but also really not necessary! Just make sure you’re engaging authentically with the community and commenting because you want to and have something to say, and you’ll soon begin building relationships. After all, no one can find and comment on your blog if they’re not aware you exist, and commenting on their blog is a good way to say “hi!”

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Write Original Content

There are a lot of book blogs, which is fabulous, but it can also make it hard to stand out from the crowd. So what will inspire someone to follow your blog over another blog? In many cases, the answer is original content, and I’ve seen many bloggers say they prefer reading this and that one of their goals for the new year is to write more of their own.

For some inspiration, check out my recommendations for bookish discussion post prompts.

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Join Pinterest

I spent nearly the whole of 2019 preaching the good news of Pinterest for traffic–because with a medium amount of effort, Pages Unbound went from getting 500 page views from Pinterest in 2018 to getting nearly 9,000 in 2019. That is to say, I didn’t even do Pinterest “right,” and I saw a significant increase in this source of traffic. Bloggers who are really committed claim to have 1,000+ page views for their blog daily. So if you go from not using Pinterest at all to using it moderately, this could also be a new source of traffic for you this year.

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Post Consistently

Taking a break and having a life outside of blogging is fine (actually, encouraged!). However, I do think consistency is key for maintaining an audience for a blog. When bloggers I like and follow simply disappear for month, I admit I often forget about them. Posts titled things like “I’m Back!” frequently pop up in my reader…and I have no idea who the blogger is or when they left. Scheduling posts ahead of time can help with this, as can posting consistently in general. You don’t need to be some sort of super blogger posting daily, but posting several times a month keeps you on readers’ radars and helps them get to know you and become invested in your content.

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Revive and Boost Old Content

This is a great method to help boost traffic if you’re short on time. If you’ve written something interesting that was popular in the past (or you think should have been popular but just didn’t get the attention it deserved at the time), try updating it and resharing it to get new traffic. This can mean updating lists of books with newer books that have been released, tweeting out seasonal content, or even just linking back to old posts in a new one you’ve written.

What are some of your best suggestions for increasing blog traffic?


52 thoughts on “How to Get More Traffic for Your Book Blog in 2020

  1. Sammie @ The Writerly Way says:

    I love this post! Specifically because this is one thing I need to really work on this year, I think.

    Holy cow, that Pinterest thing, though. I keep digging in my heels and saying I don’t want to join it (even though I said the same thing for IG and did end up joining recently). But that’s a pretty impressive improvement! Thanks for all the tips.


  2. CHARIS RAE @ says:

    Thanks for this super helpful post! I definitely need to check out Pinterest… I’ve always resisted it for some reason. I also am working on content that meshes lifestyle with books for this year, which I’m excited for! πŸ™‚


    • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

      I tried Pinterest a while ago and got nothing out of it. “Pin random stuff randomly” is definitely not a great strategy, but things have really improved since I actually took the time to read a few articles on using Pinterest!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Alina - Wandflowerbookish says:

    Great post! Very helpful tips for me since I only started my book blog last year. Thank you.


  4. danielle says:

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been needing to come back from my blogging hiatus and don’t know how but this post was helpful. Especially Revive Old Posts.


  5. littlebookynook says:

    I really, really needed this post!!! In 2019 I didn’t get to post as regularly or consistently as I would have liked, so this year I am hoping to improve on this. I had no idea about using pinterest, so I am definitely going to look into this!! This is all amazing advice which I am going to try and take on board, thank you so much!!


  6. Enobong says:

    Thanks for continuing to revive and edit these tips. I need to actually start implementing them, especially Pinterest.


  7. shanayatales says:

    I agree 100% with everything you have listed out here.

    I do most of these things, but starting 2020, I am planning to take the content on my blog in a certain direction. Not as many book reviews, but more of the content that I personally enjoy – things like book/reading lists, discussions, challenges etc. Fingers crossed it works out.

    Hope you have a great year ahead!


  8. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan says:

    I agree that Pinterest is definitely helping at driving more traffic. I already am planning to concentrate on it more in 2020. Great post and super helpful, as ever. Thank you!


    • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

      There seem to be so many factors that go into it! I get traffic I’m happy with, but I have NO IDEA how I would get 1000 page views a day or whatever other people are claiming they get. Pin more of other people’s stuff? Pin at different times of day? Space out how often I pin my stuff to different group boards???

      Liked by 1 person

      • Davida Chazan says:

        Beats me! I started using Tailwind to help me with Pinterest, but after the free trial, I decided it wasn’t worth it to pay for the full program. Now I just use it to schedule pins to the other boards and have to send them out manually instead of letting the system pin them. I’m also a member of five tribe (max you can have on the free program) and I sometimes repin from those to my boards.


        • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

          I also did the free trial and really liked it for scheduling ahead and saving time, and I think the tribes got me much better sharing rates of my pins than just group boards, but I can’t fully justify paying for it since I don’t actually make money from my blog.

          Liked by 1 person

  9. Eryn Chenault says:

    I recently just started a book blog and I didn’t think about planning ahead for posts or any of these tips. I am going to start trying it and see where it takes me! Thank you!!


  10. Across the Sky in Stars says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m just starting out my book blog, so posts like this are a godsend. I’m definitely going to be looking into pinterest as a resource.On a related note, I love your blog and aesthetic so much!


  11. simplygoodbooks says:

    Thank you, just found your previous post which was really helpful, now this one. I had never considered Pinterest – I’ll have a look.

    What are your thoughts on Tumblr, Reddit, Mix etc are they helpful? Do you find schedule social media posts useful?


    • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

      Most of our traffic comes from search engines, the WordPress Reader, and Pinterest. I use Twitter a lot, but I might get one or two clicks a day from links on Twitter. I’m sure people who have more followers than I do on Twitter might get better results there, but personally I’d say it does little for my blog traffic. Same with Instagram

      Liked by 1 person

  12. A.J. McMahon says:

    Hello! There are some great tips here!
    I’ve been using Pinterest more recently and the traffic is gradually starting to flow!
    But like anything consistency is key! =)


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