Klaus (2019 Netflix Original Movie)

I love Christmas movies, and a heart-warming animated film that gets right to the spirit of the Christmas season is an enormous treat.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence about seeing Klaus, I highly recommend it as a movie that will likely be added to the catalogue of films you watch year after year.

The one thing that baffled me a bit about Santa as a child is that there are so many versions of “how Santa came to be,” from movies to books to what random adults are willing to tell you.  Klaus piles on to these versions, even as it’s clearly set in an imaginary world.  So part of me wonders what child me would have done with the idea that Klaus’s version of Santa might not be our version of Santa, while part of me realizes I would likely have been sucked into the story as much as I was as an adult and not overthought the issue.

Because once I got past the fantasy world aspect, a place where postmen are well-trained and apparently venerated (by most people, not all) and where two feuding clans live in perpetual battle in an isolated icy town while a mysterious woodsman lives nearby with a house full of enchanting toys, I was completely charmed.  The world-building is impressive, the plot is engrossing, and the characters easily capture readers’ hearts in spite of any flaws.

Protagonist Jesper starts out spoiled and doing the right things for obviously wrong reasons, but his character arc and his blooming friendship with Klaus make him a character to root for.  And I love that this story is ultimately not just about Klaus or Christmas but ultimately about friendship—the ones that can grow between the feuding families, as well.

Not all of the animated Christmas movies I liked as a kid stand up to rewatching as an adult.  Klaus hooked me first as an adult, and I can imagine myself watching it again and again.


15 thoughts on “Klaus (2019 Netflix Original Movie)

  1. honestavocado says:

    I loved this as well! I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it was quite wonderful. Have you ever seen Arthur Christmas? That’s another lesser known (at least I think it’s not as well known) Christmas children’s movie that is quite endearing.

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  2. dinipandareads says:

    Great review! I think I’ve now watched Klaus maybe a few too many times 😂 (if there’s such a thing!) but it’s such a feel good animation and I just love the story and the message it sends! Jesper’s growth and even Klaus’ opening up was lovely to watch unfold!


  3. Michael J. Miller says:

    There are SO MANY things to like about Christmas movies but this is one of my favorites. Each year I check out new Christmas movies or specials or episodes of TV shows and wonder which will become part of my yearly viewing :). I love to find new classics that I know I’ll watch every year :).


  4. Stephanie says:

    I cried like a baby watching parts of Klaus. This is easily one of my new favorite Christmas movies. I love how wholesome and innocent it is and really does capture the Christmas spirit. I really loved the animation for this movie as well. The colors are beautiful!


  5. Zezee says:

    Yea, I can see myself rewatching this one too. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did because I was tempted to switch to something else at the beginning when it was all about Jesper being spoiled. But I love how they show how the myth surrounding Klaus came about.


  6. Sammie @ The Writerly Way says:

    Oooh, now this sounds like one my daughter would enjoy! We’ll have to add it to our “to-watch” list as something fun to do while she’s out of school (and driving us bonkers because she’s eager for Christmas! lol).


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