Let It Snow (2019 Netflix Original Movie)

I haven’t read the book for Let It Snow, but I went into the Netflix movie assuming there would be a bunch of short stories based on works by YA authors, as in the 2008 novel.  Thus, I was interested to see how the stories would be woven together into a single coherent narrative—something I think the filmmakers succeeded at in some places and failed at in others.

I did like the idea that the various characters all live in the same small town and know each other by sight, if not necessarily by name, because watching how people’s lives intertwine and intersect even if they don’t know it is always a pleasure.  It gives a readers a sense that they’re part of something bigger and that there’s something fun and mysterious about their own lives, that they’re connected to others in ways they might not even realize. 

However, the fact that there were so many small stories going on in a single movie was also a bit of downfall.  I’m not necessarily a big fan of short stories in general because they often feel underdeveloped or just…underwhelming to me, and I got that here.  There were a few different pairs of characters with love interests going about their lives around Christmas, and it was clear that the whole point was that, well, they were going to end up as couples by the end of the movie.  This is the general plot of any romance, of course, but the development of each of these short stories simply wasn’t that engaging to me.  There is also the storyline of one young man’s quest to throw an epic party and the point is that, uh, he has a party.  Nothing particularly surprising or thought-provoking happens in most of the stories.

That said, it’s a cute holiday movie, and I think it will find its fans.  If you want something fairly light and Christmas-y, something that treats teens as real with complicated problems even as they’re doing slightly improbable things like meeting celebrities and adopting mini pigs, Let It Snow could be the movie for you.


7 thoughts on “Let It Snow (2019 Netflix Original Movie)

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    I read the book last holiday season for a book club and really enjoyed it. In my opinion, the stories started out strong and digressed as we went on, but that’s okay, it was still a lot of fun. I didn’t realize Netflix had turned this into a film! I won’t lie — I love Netflix’s trend of turning YA novels into made-for-Netflix films.

    That said, it sounds like this is an “Inspired by” film, like Love, Simon. I’m okay with that – I like light and fun mindless holiday films to be on in the background during my family holidays. That said – the book included Hanukkah references. Does this film include those?


    • Briana | Pages Unbound says:

      No real Hanukkah references, besides a “Christmas” play the characters watch that is actually a celebration of various winter holidays. I was thinking about that, as well, since there was like a follow-up Let It Snow short story collection more recently that had Hanukkah and New Year’s mentioned, not just Christmas. I did read they added a fourth, LGBT+, storyline to the movie that’s not in the book, though.


  2. Aelyn says:

    This sounds cute — from what you’ve described, it sounds like it’s similar to Love Actually with the multiple romances. I think I’ll give it a try. I’m a sucker for a sweet Christmas film!


  3. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Oh I’m not such a big fan of those compilation movies- they often feel underdeveloped and underwhelming to me- shame that’s what happened here. Not sure it would be for me, but I might still give it a go, because I do like cute holiday movies. Great review!


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