5 Resources to Keep Up with the Book Industry

American Library Association

The ALA is a nonprofit organization that supports libraries.  Recently, their news feed has abounded with stories surrounding their efforts to end the Macmillan e-book embargo.  However, they also release information on banned books every year for Banned Books Week, announce award winners, and provide professional resources to librarians.


Kirkus is  mainly known as a review publication, but the website also includes blogs (children’s, YA, and more), best-of lists, recommendation lists, and author interviews.

Library Journal

Library Journal focuses on news about public and academic libraries, featuring stories on the state of the profession, budget issues, and trends, as well as general interest stories about new library openings, etc. In addition, the publication releases bestseller lists, round-ups of recent book news, and lists of books featured or adapted in other media. Library Journal tends to feature adult books, while School Library Journal focuses on children’s books and YA.

Publisher’s Weekly

Publisher’s Weekly focuses on a wide range of book-related news, featuring reviews, best-of lists, author interviews, and lists of forthcoming books by publisher, as well as reports on the publishing world, bookstores, and libraries.   Recent posts include marketing middle-grade, the best children’s books of 2019, and Congress investigating the state of the digital market.

School Library Journal

School Library Journal focuses on news featuring school libraries, as well as children’s and teen departments in public libraries.  In addition, they publish reviews, recommendation and read-alike lists, and lists of forthcoming books.  Various blogs associated with the site have different specialties; Good Comics for Kids publishes a weekly list of newly-released comics to help readers stay current.

6 thoughts on “5 Resources to Keep Up with the Book Industry

  1. BookerTalk says:

    I get the headlines from Publishers Weekly but can’t justify buying a subscription. Kirkus is good – and free but doesn’t give you inside scoop on what’ s coming. So the mixture you have here would be a good and comprehensive way of keeping up to date


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