10 Interesting Posts from September You Might Have Missed

Post Round-Up

Around the Blogosphere

  1. Nicoline discusses why North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell still matters today.
  2. The Orangutan Librarian writes In Defense of Classics–Again.
  3. Michael posts about Captain Marvel and the Skrull–The Borders of a Hero’s Courage.
  4. Kelly shares a bookworm’s guide to removing book stickers.
  5. Kelly also asks whether contemporary novels ever become outdated.
  6. Doing Dewey discusses reading multiple books at once.
  7. Christine shares unique blogging tips.
  8. Margaret shares her favorite bookish podcasts.
  9. Xandra posts about what she should have known as a new blogger.
  10. Sammie explains why she writes negative reviews–but you don’t have to.

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15 thoughts on “10 Interesting Posts from September You Might Have Missed

  1. Grab the Lapels says:

    Thank you for continuing to update use throughout September on what’s happening with the embargo and Amazon. When I asked a librarian at my work if she knew about it, she said any good librarian keeps up on this sort of thing. I think I maybe offended her by even asking *cringe*


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