Maybe This Time by Kasie West

Maybe This Time


Goodreads: Maybe This Time
Series: None
Source: Library
Published: July 9, 2019

Official Summary

One year. Nine events. Nine chances to . . . fall in love?

Weddings. Funerals. Barbecues. New Year’s Eve parties. Name the occasion, and Sophie Evans will be there. Well, she has to be there. Sophie works for the local florist, so she can be found at every big event in her small hometown, arranging bouquets and managing family dramas.

Enter Andrew Hart. The son of the fancy new chef in town, Andrew is suddenly required to attend all the same events as Sophie. Entitled, arrogant, preppy Andrew. Sophie just wants to get her job done and finish up her sketches so she can apply to design school. But every time she turns around, there is Andrew, getting in her way and making her life more complicated. Until one day she wonders if maybe complicated isn’t so bad after all . . .

Told over the course of one year and following Sophie from event to event, this delightful novel from master of romantic comedy Kasie West shows how love can blossom in unexpected places.

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I picked up Maybe This Time by Kasie West because I was intrigued by the idea of a book about a girl who works as a florist, so I was a bit disappointed to discover that although flowers are mentioned a lot in the book, the protagonist is actually more of an event planner than a florist.  Additionally, she doesn’t even like working at a florist and spends all her time complaining about it; she actually wants to be a fashion designer and is miffed she didn’t get a summer job with the local tailor.  That aside, however, the book was light and charming and a fun contemporary read.

I would be tempted to say it was a fun “summer reader,” based on the cover, but the reality is that the book takes place over one full year, with protagonist Sophie attending various seasonal events from a Valentine’s Day dance to an autumn festival.  In fact, the book is distinctly divided into one section per event, which made the whole thing feel a bit disjointed to me.  I imagine that making the book so compartmentalized made it easier to write, as the author had only to write one scene at a time and not worry about actually transitioning from July to September or whatever, but it struck me as a odd choice for an author who has published several books and has a lot of writing experience under her belt and presumably does not need to separate the book into distinct chunks.  I would have preferred a more cohesive narrative.

That chunkiness is the book’s distinctive feature, however.  Otherwise, it’s basically another cute romance where a girl starts off on the wrong foot with a boy but she eventually comes around to his charms.  Throw in a bit of friendship drama and some discussions about college and the future, and it’s solid high school read, with just a flair of the exotic thrown in.  The “average” person might live in a small town and dream of bigger things and get a summer job and hang out with their BFF, but they certainly don’t get the chance to fall in love with the rich and dashing son of a celebrity chef!  (To be clear, this book is also a lot more cooking oriented than I would have expected, based on the description of the protagonist as a florist.)

Maybe This Time is fun and entertaining, but it didn’t really move me or strike me as unique.  I’m on the fence about reading anything else by Kasie West because of this.

3 StarsBriana

5 thoughts on “Maybe This Time by Kasie West

  1. Debbie @ Brewing Colour says:

    I’ve read some of Kasie West’s books recently and whilst I did enjoy them I’d probably share your opinion that they aren’t anything groundbreaking or moving – however they are quite nice for a casual read when you just want to relax.

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  2. Kelly | Another Book in the Wall says:

    Great review, Briana! Ah, that’s such a disappointment to see that the protagonist hardly works as a florist, and only complains about the job when she does. Kasie West’s books are always a hit or miss for me, and although I do like the idea of the novel taking place over a year, the narrative does sound like it would disjointed.

    Liked by 1 person

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