10 Places I’d Love to See the Nancy Drew Video Games Visit


Barcelona has plenty of history, from the Romans up to the present day, and the game could focus on any period and still be really interesting!  However, the work of Gaudí would have to be featured no matter what.


I don’t know much about Bath except that Jane Austen characters always go there and I really want to see Nancy Drew investigate a Jane Austen-inspired mystery.  If living history interpreters can be added so we see characters in era-appropriate costume, that would be even better.


Beijing is one of the oldest cities in the world, so it seems like a great place for Nancy’s first mystery set in China!  Also, if she could visit some panda bears, that would be the best.  I don’t care what you say, they look very huggable.

Boston, Massachusetts

A Revolutionary War-inspired Nancy Drew would be amazing!  But I suppose other locations such as Philadelphia could also work for this one.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg is probably the best-known battle of the American Civil War, so the town is the perfect place to set a mystery!  Of course, there will probably be a “ghost” involved, but the creators will easily be able to sneak some educational content in.

Hannibal, Missouri

Home to Mark Twain, part of the Louisiana Purchase, a part of the Pony Express–there’s a lot to work with here in terms of a historical mystery!

Haworth, UK

The parsonage where the Bronte sibings lived is now a museum and I think some of their work is certainly spooky enough to inspire a Nancy Drew game!  Why not mix a little history with Gothic elements for the perfect mystery?


I don’t care what premise gets Nancy to Oxford, but if we had a game centered around Tolkien/the Inklings, I’d be all in!  Of course, the game might have to tread carefully to avoid copyright issues, but maybe there could be some fun allusions thrown in.

Prince Edward Island

Nancy Drew exploring a scenic location where we could also have references to L. M. Montgomery and Anne Shirley?  This is obviously an inspired choice.


Nancy Drew has been doing a lot of international travel lately!  Why not bring her back across the globe to South Korea so players can learn more about the history, geography, and culture?

Where would you like the Nancy Drew video games to visit?

9 thoughts on “10 Places I’d Love to See the Nancy Drew Video Games Visit

  1. Christine says:

    I didn’t even know that Nancy Drew had a video game, but this makes me SO excited. I had to google to see this magic! Hey if Nancy Drew goes to England, she can meet up with HP! I think Salem, MA would be a great choice too. I just sent you a Pinterest invite for “Literary Travelers Uncorked,” if you want to post your literary travels there. I love the group of bloggers who add posts there and I think some of your content will find a happy home ; )


      • Michael J. Miller says:

        That sounds amazing! If you ever need a letter of recommendation I’d be happy to write one, being able to affirm a) you would love to hug panda bears and b) your desire for this job goes back at least as far as August 14th. Imagine getting up every day, pulling on your PANDA SUIT and saying, “Well, time to go to work.” Ahhh, I love it :).


          • Michael J. Miller says:

            Remember when AOL Instant Messenger was a thing? And you’d set an “away message” when you weren’t there? If I still had an AIM this would so be my away message. I also want to text it to everyone I know. Email too. And maybe wear it on a t-shirt because YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH. Everyone needs to know this!


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