Books that Take Place Over Summer Break

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Alex, Approximately

Bailey Rydell’s crush is a fellow classic film buff who goes by the name of Alex online. Then Bailey moves across the country to Alex’s California hometown. But Bailey is an evader. Hesitant to tell Alex that she could be living down the street, Bailey determines to try to find Alex herself first. But then Porter happens. Porter is annoying. But also incredibly handsome. And maybe a little funny. Soon Bailey finds herself falling and she wonders if this is fair to Alex. What she doesn’t know is that Porter and Alex are the same person.  A realistic and sweet summer romance.

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Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

Birdie is starting her first job at a local hotel.  But she never expected one of her coworkers would be Daniel, a nineteen-year-old she had a one-night stand with.  Birdie isn’t quite sure how to react, but Daniel thinks their romance could blossom.  To convince her they belong together, he proposes they solve a mystery involving a local author.  But, soon, Birdie is more concerned with her feelings for Daniel than she is with the mystery.  A winner for fans of contemporary YA romance and fans of Jenn Bennett.

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Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Since You've Been Gone

Sloane used to make Emily’s life exciting.  Then she disappeared, leaving only a list of crazy actions for Emily to perform.  Emily thinks completing the list could bring her friend back.  But she’s not quite sure how far she’s willing to go.  Can she really go skinny dipping?  Or kiss a stranger?  A compelling contemporary YA about friendship.

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The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Andie is the daughter of a politician and she has her life all planned out.  Then comes the scandal and she’s suddenly living with her dad.  And walking dogs.  And maybe, just maybe breaking her rule about no guys for more than three weeks.  An engrossing summer read.

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When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Dimple has put school behind her after graduation, but she is excited about attending a summer program for web developers.  Little does she know that her parents are still planning to find her the perfect Indian husband: Rishi Patel is attending the same camp.  A cute contemporary romance.

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Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills

Famous in a Small Town by Emma Mills ReviewSophie has a great fundraising plan: get country start Megan Pleasant to return to her hometown to do a benefit concert.  Megan, however, has sworn never to return.  A pleasant slice-of-life story focused more on the lives of Sophie and her friends than on the mystery surrounding Megan.

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I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski

Nineteen-year-old Sydney is planning to have the perfect summer travelling across Europe with her best friend.  Then her friend’s cheating ex shows up and suddenly Sydney’s falling for his best friend.  A heavily-romance focused travel story.

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Stay Sweet by Siobhan Vivian

Meade Creamery, founded in 1944 by Molly Meade, has always been special to Amelia. Four years ago she had the honor of becoming a Meade Creamery girl and now, her last summer working there before heading off to college, she dreams of making memories that will last forever. Then Molly Meade dies and her rich grandnephew Grady inherits the stand. Grady is desperate to prove to his father that he can manage his own business. But, in the process, he threatens to destroy everything Amelia loves about the stand.  Stay Sweet will appeal to readers who enjoy fluffy beach reads, ice cream, and books that have an old-timey feel.

11 thoughts on “Books that Take Place Over Summer Break

  1. Isobel Necessary says:

    My recommendation is “Black Rabbit Summer” by Kevin Brooks, especial for anyone who has just finished their GCSE exams. It’s about a group of old friends who learn that perhaps their friendships aren’t what they thought they were, after two teens they know go missing at a fair. It’s a bit odd, but I think hot summer days are the perfect time to read it.


  2. ashley says:

    I feel like Morgan Matson is the queen of books for summer in the best way possible!! I also have Alex Approximately on my Beach Reads shelf on my Nook!!


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