Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (5/19/19)

Post Round-Up

Around the Blogosphere

  1. Holly lists books she wishes she had been assigned to read as an English major.
  2. Sammie lists powerful books featuring strong mothers.
  3. The Orangutan Librarian talks Rocking the Rainy Day Reads.
  4. Michael asks what compels us to spoil things.
  5. The Orangutan Librarian discusses blogger love in books.
  6. Xandra talks about her good reading habits.
  7. Interesting Literature explains why the Trojan horse almost certainly wasn’t a horse.
  8. Sammie asks: Where are the adult superhero books?
  9. Kelly asks: Are tropes as terrible as we think?
  10. Interesting Literature features the best examples of metaphysical poetry in English literature.

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