Mini Reviews (12)

Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue Deconnick

The first time I read the first volume of Deconnick’s Captain Marvel, I found myself too confused to enjoy it very much.  The second time around, however, I loved Carol Danvers so much I request the next two volumes from the library.  Carol has a burning passion for life and an endless capacity for compassion.  She always helps those in need, even when it will cost her.  And she will fight for her cat–no matter what.  I did not fully understand Carol’s relationships or who the other people in her life were.  However, Carol herself is so compelling that I found myself enjoying her stories regardless, and hoping for more from Deconnick.  (Four Stars)

The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz

When Flory’s wings are bitten off by a sleepy bat, she decides she will no longer be a night fairy, but a day fairy.  To survive, however, she turns cold, using the other animals to get what she wants.  Then a hummingbird makes an unexpected request and Flory must choose what she values most: kindness or herself.  Readers who enjoy fairy stories will possibly like this book, but I found it a little too cutesy for my taste, with Flory fashioning clothes out of flowers and riding a squirrel for transport.  I like fairies when they are doing something interesting, not merely providing a vehicle for an author to showcase their imagination by describing how a tiny fairy would live.  Illustrations by Angel Barrett.  (Three Stars) 

Princess Cora and the Crocodile by Laura Amy Schlitz

Princess Cora is tired of her boring studies, her boring laps around the dungeon gym, and her boring three baths a day.  She just wants be normal for once, maybe even have a dog.  But when she writes her fairy godmother for help, she never expects a crocodile to show up in her room.  A crocodile who offers to switch places with her.  This humorous fantasy will appeal to fans of fairy tales–especially those who do not mind their fairy tales with a little bite.  The crocodile, you see, is not a tame crocodile, and he has no qualms about using a bit of force to get Cora’s  parents to see reason.  Brian Floca’s delightful illustrations complete the story, adding the final comedic touches.  (Four Stars)

2 thoughts on “Mini Reviews (12)

  1. Ashlea Daune says:

    I haven’t read (Or seen) Captain Marvel yet, I’m not big on superheroes like I used to be. The Night Fairy has a stunning cover! I also love cutesy books, so I might have to check this one out.

    Ash @ JennRenee Read


    • Krysta says:

      I find there are certain superheroes I connect with more. I really loved Carol’s determination and her big heart (as well as her love for her cat!), so Captain Marvel was really enjoyable for me. I haven’t seen the film yet, however. Which is sad.

      The Night Fairy is illustrated inside, too! It’s quite pretty!


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