Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (2/17/19)

Post Round-Up

Around the blogosphere

  1. Mere Inkling reflects on C. S. Lewis and Scrabble.
  2. Starry Sky Books shares 6 bookish items for any time.
  3. Nandini lists 5 must read books for Ravenclaws.
  4. Lovely Audiobooks shares Pinterest tips for book bloggers.
  5. Aurora Librialis has a quiz to find out which book character would be your Valentine.
  6. Grace explains why she lovesΒ To Kill a Mockingbird.
  7. May shares her top five diverse romantic couples.
  8. Ellyn explains how to outline a blog post.
  9. Stephanie wants to bring monsters back into books.
  10. Margaret wants to talk about romance in YA books.

At Pages Unbound

14 thoughts on “Ten Interesting Posts of the Week (2/17/19)

  1. MetalPhantasmReads says:

    I loved your post about not caring if books are cut up for crafts! The children’s librarian at my work does such beautiful things with crafts like that and as long as you’re not going to miss it, why not? πŸ™‚


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