Wanted: Guest Posts for Tolkien Reading Event (March 2019)

Tolkien Reading Event 2019

During March 2019, Pages Unbound will be running our sixth Tolkien Reading Event.  Every year on March 25, the Tolkien Society celebrates Tolkien Reading Day, and we like to expand on the event by hosting several days’ worth of Tolkien-related content.  We have had some wonderful guest posts in the past and would like to invite you to submit a guest post this year.

Theme: Tolkien and the Mysterious

Post Options

The Tolkien Reading Event is open to a wide variety of posts.  In previous events, we have featured everything from book reviews to quizzes to serious literary criticism.   Pitch us an idea for any type of post you would like!  You can also review books and movies that have been featured before; we love new perspectives! See a full list of past posts here.

If you need ideas, we are particularly open to posts about:

  • the official theme
  • any aspect of The Silmarillion
  • the art of Middle-Earth
  • a tour of your Tolkien collection (books or merchandise)
  • Tolkien’s villains
  • reviews of books about (not by) Tolkien
  • reflections on Tolkien’s “minor” works (Farmer Giles of Ham, Smith of Wooton Major, Roverandom)


If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Google form below.  We will begin the event on Sunday, March 25, and so would like to receive guest posts by March 17.  We will contact everyone with final details around that time (such as what day your guest post will be scheduled).  Please feel free to spread the word to fellow Tolkien fans!

Title: Please tell us what you would like the title of the post to be when you send us the draft! Otherwise you will be subject to our whims. 😉

Post Length: There is no required post length; however long you feel you need to address the topic is fine.

Photos/Graphics: Feel free to include photos or graphics if you would like, but only include images you own the rights to post.  (Basically, no copyright infringement, please!)

Poems: Excerpts of poems are fine, but please do not include entire poems still under copyright.


*LOTR clip art by Nesca at CuteGraphicSupply.

18 thoughts on “Wanted: Guest Posts for Tolkien Reading Event (March 2019)

  1. bibliogyan says:

    Would have loved to join but I got a big TBR pile to tackle this year. But am looking forward to reading this book sometime 😃


  2. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Oooh. I’d love to participate, but I’ll need time to ponder my guest post. I’m not particularly fluent in Tolkien’s works (I haven’t read a book by Tolkien since 1996… it’s hard to remember), so a great pondering is needed.

    I hope you get WAY more post submissions than you were hoping for! 🙂


  3. DoingDewey says:

    I may have said this before, but I’m a little jealous you have one author you’re so excited about and that other people are excited about. It seems like fun to put together an event like this.


    • Krysta says:

      You know, that’s a really great way to look at it. And it will make me feel better next time someone makes fun of how much I talk about Tolkien. :b

      On the other hand, I’m always a little jealous of how much non-fiction you read. I feel like it’s hard for me to find selections I really love. I tend to do well with books on the Civil War because, well, I love learning about the Civil War. But I read other stuff and it often strikes me as just okay.


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