Book Blogging Resources for Reaching Your Goals in the New Year (2019)

Blogging Goals

Happy 2019! I know a lot of bloggers have goals and resolutions they set for themselves each year, so today I’m rounding up some of our best advice here at Pages Unbound to help everyone get off to a fabulous start!

If You Don’t Yet Have a Book Blog, Here’s Why You Should Start One

Two years ago, I wrote a whole post with 8 reasons you should start a book blog in the new year.  Krysta and I started in 2011, and it’s been such a fun and enriching experience (mentally enriching…we all know book bloggers don’t actually make money…) that I can’t really imagine stopping.

And here’s my guide on how to start a book blog.

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9 Book Blogging Resources You Might Not Know About

In 2017, I rounded up 9 book blogging resources that are very in-depth and very helpful that you might not know about, even if you’ve been blogging for awhile.

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Discussion Prompts for Your Book Blog

I’ve written two posts with discussion prompts for your blog, if you’re hoping to focus more on discussions this year.  Find 30 Discussion Post Prompts here and 52 More Discussion Post Prompts here.  You can also check out our list of prompts for our previously run feature on classic literature: Classic Remarks.

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Spread the Love to Other Bloggers

Last January, I shared 4 ways to spread love to book bloggers in the new year, and I think the same tips apply now!

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Rock Bookstagram in 2019

If you’re thinking about joining Bookstagram this year, here are my tips for doing Bookstagram on a Budget and my thoughts on Using Library Books on Bookstagram.

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Check on Your Stats

I did two informal surveys on stats for book blogs, one in 2016 and one in 2018, so if you’re a stat-watcher yourself, you might want to see how you stack up against the people who responded to the survey.

What are your goals for 2019?


23 thoughts on “Book Blogging Resources for Reaching Your Goals in the New Year (2019)

  1. Gerry@TheBookNookUK says:

    This is a great post with a lot of incredibly useful tips/ advice. I especially love the link back to the discussions as this is something that I would like to do more of. Thank you again xx


  2. Grace says:

    Wonderful tips! I love reading discussion posts, and your list of ideas always gives me inspiration for posts.
    My goals for 2019 are to do some collab posts or guest posts and to continue growing my blog.
    Happy new year and thank you for this post!


  3. Shaye Miller says:

    Ooooh, definitely bookmarking this post to return to throughout this month as I begin making lists of changes and updates I need to make in my routine and on my blog. Thanks, Briana!


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