The Sunday Exchange (12/23/19): A Post about a Beloved Series

Sunday Exchange


The Sunday Exchange is a new weekly feature we are introducing at Pages Unbound where we ask you, our readers, to share a post from your own blog that matches the week’s theme.  The goal is to allow you to share posts you are proud of or think other people will find interesting and to help other people find fun posts to read.

This Week’s Theme

Share a Post about a Beloved Series

The “Rules”

  1. Share your post title, the URL of the post, AND a brief explanation of what the post is/why you think people might like to read it in a comment on this blog post.
  2. Try to make the post fit the week’s theme.
  3. Please share only one post each week.
  4. The post does not have to be recent. It can be from any time in your blog’s archives.
  5. Consider visiting some other bloggers’ posts.
  6. We won’t be closing the comments after a week has passed, so *technically* you can still add your post later, but it may not get that much traffic if you share your post a month later.

That’s it! We hope you participate, and check back next Sunday for a new theme and another chance to share!

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A Post We Recommend at Pages Unbound

Harry Potter: Which Book Are You? (Books 1-6)

Harry Potter may be THE ultimate beloved series.  So have some fun taking our personality quiz showing which Harry Potter book you are!

23 thoughts on “The Sunday Exchange (12/23/19): A Post about a Beloved Series

  1. mgerardmingo says:

    Shakespeare’s Henriad is one of the few series (if that’s right term here) that I’ve read in full, but I didn’t read them in strict order, as I didn’t get to “2 Henry IV” until long after I’d studied the other three plays. Well, I finally read it this summer, and in response I wrote a quick analysis of one scene which encapsulates how it feels like the overall plot of the Henriad is spinning its wheels at this point in the series…and why that’s maybe not a bad thing?

    Title: “Exceeding Weary: A Look at ‘2 Henry IV,’ Act II, Scene 2”

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  2. Eustacia | Eustea Reads says:

    I’ve been reading the Fairacre series, which is a really cosy series about life in the English countryside. It’s a great read for when things get stressful. While it’s not Christmas-themed, I find it really appropriate for the season and just finished another book in the series (which is quickly becoming one of my favourites).

    Title: Miss Clare Remembers & Emily Davis

    (First time participating because I never had a post that fit the theme before! I hope this is okay)

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  3. Captain's Quarters says:

    I have read some wonderful series this year but one of me favourites that I think everyone should read is by Martha Wells about the Murderbot. These are a series of four novellas that I believe will appeal to all readers even if they don’t normally read sci-fi. I have linked to the first book of the quartet. I love Murderbot! Arrr!


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