The Sunday Exchange (10/7/18): A Halloween Post

Sunday Exchange


The Sunday Exchange is a new weekly feature we are introducing at Pages Unbound where we ask you, our readers, to share a post from your own blog that matches the week’s theme.  The goal is to allow you to share posts you are proud of or think other people will find interesting and to help other people find fun posts to read.

This Week’s Theme

Share a Post Related to Halloween

The “Rules”

  1. Share your post title, the URL of the post, AND a brief explanation of what the post is/why you think people might like to read it in a comment on this blog post.
  2. Try to make the post fit the week’s theme.
  3. Please share only one post each week.
  4. The post does not have to be recent. It can be from any time in your blog’s archives.
  5. Consider visiting some other bloggers’ posts.
  6. We won’t be closing the comments after a week has passed, so *technically* you can still add your post later, but it may not get that much traffic if you share your post a month later.

That’s it! We hope you participate, and check back next Sunday for a new theme and another chance to share!

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A Post We Recommend at Pages Unbound

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24 thoughts on “The Sunday Exchange (10/7/18): A Halloween Post

  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    “The Many Faces Of Evil (A Halloween Extravaganza) Part III”

    A few years ago, I did a series in October exploring different depictions of the Joker (because clowns are the SCARIEST THING EVER) and how the character illustrates the idea of evil. This is my favorite entry in the series, looking at Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight.’


  2. ireadthatinabook says:

    Too bad, I haven’t written anything even remotely Halloween related on my blog ever. Around here it is a party theme, not a season (instead the tradition is lighting candles on all graves).


      • ireadthatinabook says:

        Halloween is getting more and more popular here but I’m just old enough for it never to have been any major thing when I was a child. I did go candy-begging in Easter time instead, although then you have to bribe your way to candy (by giving away ugly home made cards and hope for the best) instead of threatening with “trick or treat” 🙂


          • ireadthatinabook says:

            Throw them out right after Easter I guess. They are usually just a piece of ordinary paper with an Easter greeting and quick sketch of something Easter related. If you go in a group it’s usually just one from the whole group. It basically acts as an excuse “no-we-are-not-at-all-here-to-beg-candy-we-just-want-to-give-you-this-pretty-drawing,-but-if-you-happen-to-have-candy-we-will-gladly-take-it”.


    • Krysta says:

      Better late than never, right? Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, it seems I can’t comment on your blog without a Google account? But it was interesting to see which thrillers you enjoyed!


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