Bad Mermaids Make Waves by Sibéal Pounder


Goodreads: Bad Mermaids Make Waves
Series: Bad Mermaids #1
Source: Library
Published: May 2018


Beattie, Mimi, and Zelda are enjoying a summer program for mermaids on land.  However, their experience having legs is suddenly cut short when they receive a message that bad mermaids have taken over their home of Hidden Lagoon.  Now it’s up to the three of them to avoid piranhas and find their kidnapped queen.


Bad Mermaids Make Waves is an over-the-top adventure involving crazy fashion, nonsensical plot elements, silly names, and, of course, piranhas.  Following three mermaids as they travel throughout their hidden realms in order to discover who has kidnapped their queen, the story tries to get a laugh at every turn.  The absurdity may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  However, those who like this sort of thing will surely love the book.

Describing this book is rather difficult as Sibéal Pounder’s sense of humor is not  one commonly found in MG books.  The premise of the story itself is intentionally ridiculous.  However, pretty much every element is equally silly and even impossible.  A restaurant housed in a shark?  A mythical shell bra?  Finger fighting that can level buildings?  None of it makes sense, but readers are expected to laugh and move on.

Even though this is much in the vein of Pounder’s Witch Wars, the characters are not quite as memorable and thus not as likable. I had difficulty distinguishing between the three protagonists and pretty much only the talking fish really stood out from everyone else.  As a result, I was not particularly invested in their success, but mostly reading because the whole story was so weird.

I would not mind reading the sequel to Bad Mermaids Make Waves.  However, the series so far does not match the charm of Witch Wars.  So it will not be a priority for me.

3 Stars


4 thoughts on “Bad Mermaids Make Waves by Sibéal Pounder

  1. jenchaos76 says:

    When the first book of a series of like that, I typically do not read any further. I know it’s not going to get any better. I just move on to better things.


  2. Grab the Lapels says:

    I was delighted by this review because the book sounds like a hoot! Even though the characters aren’t their own people, I want to visit the restaurant in the shark. Actually, this sounds a bit like a Christopher Moore novel, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings.


    • Krysta says:

      The book is something else, I’ll give you that! And I spent far too long wondering what would happen if the shark felt like closing its mouth for a second. It must be difficult to keep it open for visitors all day!

      I’ve never heard of that book, but the title alone is intriguing!


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