Blogger Stats Survey 2018: Invitation to Participate

In 2016, I (Briana) conducted a blogger stats survey to help shed some transparency on what stats are “normal” in book blogging. I personally found it helpful because many people seemed to assume that their own stats were significantly lower than other bloggers’, when that often was not the case. Since it’s been two years since that survey and some things have changed (what people consider a “big” blogger, how much time people devote to other outlets like Bookstagram and Booktube, etc.), I thought it could be helpful to do an updated survey.

Participation is anonymous, so please participate if this is a project that interests you. Also feel free to share, as the stats will be better if there are more data points (in 2016, I received about 70 responses). The 2016 survey results are here.

* Note that by “blogger,” I mean someone who runs a blog, not someone running a Booktube channel, Bookstagram.  (You can do both, but you should have an actual blog.)

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